Nepal Telecom expands data roaming to 13 countries

Nepal Telecom (NTC) which resumed its data roaming service recently for India has expanded the service to 13 more countries. The international data roaming in those countries with Nepal Telecom SIM card will start from Ashoj 3, 2076.


As per Ntc, the countries where its GSM postpaid customers can use the data roaming service are:

NTC had recently resumed the data roaming service to India.

Ntc postpaid customers with roaming service can access to cellular internet using their Ntc SIM card. They could already use voice, SMS service from before.

For the prepaid customers, Ntc also adds the data roaming service but it is now available in China and India only. Find the cost of the prepaid roaming service in Ntc.

All the customers with roaming service enabled will automatically get the data roaming facility. Similarly, for those you activate the international roaming service now, the data roaming service will also be available instantly along with voice and SMS service.

Cost of data roaming in Ntc

  • The cost of data roaming service in Ntc is 10 paisa per 100 KB. If you put it in the regular metrics, the cost of 1 MB roaming data is Rs 10.

As known, Ntc will add more countries for the international roaming service which includes data, SMS, and voice. They will also add more countries and operators to enable the prepaid SIM work as roaming in those countries/operators.


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