Why You Need a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Service

Many say that the second largest expense for businesses is their communications expense –second only to Payroll

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For companies that use hundreds of mobile devices, telecom expense management (TEM) is a necessity, not a luxury. Identifying areas for savings on your invoices, and then achieving those savings, can win back hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a monthly basis, money that would have otherwise been wasted but can now be reallocated to more worthwhile business purposes.

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Innovation makes the world go round and some industries are more exposed to this fact than others.  Telecommunication is example of an industry for which innovation is a matter of life and death. Changes are deep and numerous.

In the telecom industry, where the product life cycle is extremely short, innovation has become a necessity and not an option.

To effectively manage the full life cycle of a telecom expense and telecom inventory, enterprises need resources (people with free time to do the work), knowledge and automation […] Managing telecom expenses requires a special blend of knowledge of IT, telecom services, corporate finance and other service providers’ billing procedures and their internal processes”

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The main reasons given for outsourcing are: cost reduction, followed by efficiency improvement and reduction in headcount

Find a partner which will take care your telecom expenses while you do your core business, get ALERT.


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