Need 4G roaming in Europe? Then you should avoid Tele2 Netherlands

Tele2 NL is lax with the provision of 4G roaming, in other Tele2 countries it has been available for a long time

4G roaming is possible only in countries where Tele2 also has its own network; Sweden, Denmark, Croatia and the three Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. More countries would join in the course of 2018 said Tele2 press officer to Mobile cowboys.

“Our 4G roaming offer is currently limited to the Tele2 networks in Sweden, Croatia and the Baltic States. We hope to be able to add other countries to this in 2018 with good agreements, but at the moment there is nothing to report on this. In other Tele2 countries the situation may be different, we are responsible for the Dutch supply and unfortunately it is not yet that far. ” 

That was bad news. It is noteworthy that customers from these countries can use the internet at 4G in all EU countries. Tele2 Netherlands spokesperson Robin Janszen said in a comment that Tele2 should make its own arrangements with European partners at the national level.

According to Janszen, the possible takeover of Tele2 by T-Mobile has nothing to do with the fact that it takes a long time for customers to roam anywhere through 4G.


Swedish Tele2, Tele2 Lithuania, Tele2 Croatia users can roam at 4G throughout the EU

Good news is: for consumers, 4G subscriptions are on average more expensive than 3G subscriptions; providers pay fixed amounts per gigabytes of data consumed. Because Tele2 customers are on 3G, the data consumption abroad will be lower than if they had used 4G. The amount that providers pay each other per GB will decrease over the coming years.

If you are travelling abroad and need sim cards choose between daily, monthly or data packages without expiration or if prefer instant connectivity, get  eSIM.

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