Nebula boosts business efficiency with TEM hub

South Africa’s Nebula has launched its Telecoms Expense and Lifecycle Management Integration Hub which enables clients to integrate third-party, IT and business applications on a single cloud-based platform. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Nebula’s Telecoms Expense and Lifecycle Management platform, OneView, helps customers across various industries keep tabs on their telecoms usage, spend and service provider performance.
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With the launch of the Integration Hub, more lengthy processes are automated, with live service request tracking and digitalised workflows.
The amount of time taken to monitor, respond to and process all of this telecoms and IT information on separate systems means businesses are always under undue pressure, which regularly has a negative impact on information accuracy and request turnaround time.
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With the OneView™ Integration Hub, the amount of time required to manage the telecoms and IT lifecycle is dramatically reduced and data accuracy is improved by having a single source of information available without human error.
The OneView Integration Hub implements Azure API Web Services, Web Jobs, Message Queues, SQL Database and Application Insights. With Microsoft Azure cloud services, Nebula can fully utilise the advantages of the cloud to provide its clients with high performance, scalable systems that enable next generation telecoms and business innovation.
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