Changing Service Providers

Nearly a Third of Enterprises Will Consider Changing Service Providers in 2022

Dubber Corporation Limited launched the results of a commissioned research study by Cavell Group, identifying the top trends service providers globally will be focusing on in 2022. Changing Service Providers

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Throughout all the trends identified in the Cavell report, the lasting impact of the global pandemic on service providers and their business operations are clear.  During the first wave of the pandemic, enterprises and carriers sought to rapidly deploy solutions to support remote access and business continuity.  Now, these efforts are being superseded by a second imperative as enterprises seek to improve “band-aid” responses and address a more permanent state of hybrid working.  In almost all areas of their business, service providers will continue to adapt to the dramatic changes in the workforce behaviour patterns that emerged in the global pandemic and will continue into 2022.

Major Trends Identified in the Report Include:

  • The rapid rise of unified communications and a proliferation of communications channels have shifted the strategic planning of every service provider, increasing the pressure to create new sources of revenue and buttress margins, and to drive differentiation and retention
  • Communication and collaboration solutions will continue to try and recreate in-person experiences. Distributed video, Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS), Contact Centre as a Service, and CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) services will continue to be in high demand.
  • Competition with hyper-scalers and OTT providers will intensify in 2022
  • Compliance, security, governance, ransomware and risk mitigation solutions will drive a new wave of demand from enterprises as they look for ways to “tighten up” across all major infrastructure, including communications. Agile service providers and managed service providers will look to meet these requirements with new and differentiated service offerings
  • Extracting additional value from service provider data, voice data, and other analytics services will provide service providers opportunities to differentiate their service offerings

Steve McGovern, CEO, Dubber: “As service providers move into 2022 and transition beyond the severe impacts of Covid-19, a set of new trends are poised to reshape the service provider landscape again. Dubber believes that 2022 will be a pivotal year for the global service provider industry as carriers seek to grow and adapt to the changes brought on by the mass distribution of workforces of the last two years.  While the roll out of 5G services will continue to grab headlines in many countries, even bigger threats and opportunities exist that will remake what we view the traditional role of a service provider to be.  We are very optimistic that strong growth opportunities will be available for Dubber and our service provider partners as we drive voice data and new value-added services that will improve business outcomes for our joint customers in the year ahead.”

Matthew Townend, Executive Director, Cavell Group: “The first wave of the global pandemic rapidly accelerated unified communications and mobile, changing the service provider landscape materially. The second wave will not be the same, with enterprises looking to bolster solutions deployed in the first with greater security and compliance; adapt to hybrid working as a permanent way of working; and secure greater intelligence and compliance from content. AI and automation based on conversational data are new frontiers for service providers and represent a significant opportunity to improve revenue, differentiation and retention.”  Changing Service Providers

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