Nar offers affordable roaming bundles for New Year travels

Nar, the youngest mobile operator of the country, is pleased to offer affordable roaming bundles for those travelling abroad on New Year’s Eve.

Traveling to Azerbaijan?

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The roaming bundles of the Azerbaijan mobile operator designed to meet different needs of the subscribers provides high-quality voice services, high-speed internet and free WhatsApp. Nar subscribers may communicate easily with the relatives and friends in 45 countries worldwide, including the popular destinations such as Turkey, Georgia, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine.

The subscribers are offered to choose from 4 bundles according to their needs. Thus, “Roaming 9” package offers 500 MB of internet, “Roaming 15” package offers 500 MB of internet and 50 minutes of voice calls, “Roaming 18” package provides 1 GB of internet, and “Roaming 28” package provides 1 GB of internet and 100 minutes for voice calls. It should be underlined that “WhatsApp” text messages are free of charge in “Roaming 18” and “Roaming 28” packages, meaning the traffic will not be deducted from your roaming internet bundle.

Notably, compared to the same period of 2018, the number of Nar subscribers who have used roaming services over January-November 2019 increased by 25% while the volume of data traffic rose by 68%. Generally, Nar offers high-quality roaming service in 117 countries around the world to make communication available even far from home.

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