Museum of Illusions Opens for First Time in India

Enter the fascinating world of illusions which will trick your confidence in your own senses, but will also amaze you by doing so; the world that will confuse you completely, but also educate you…

Museum of Illusions started as a unique project which soon became one of the fastest growing education and entertainment places, with locations in 15 cities around the globe; and continues to expand! This original concept was launched in Zagreb, Croatia in 2015 and quickly become a recognizable brand and leading attraction in each city where it is launched. Museum of illusions near me

Museum of Illusionsoffers interactive, immersive and fun experience for children, parents, couples, grandmothers and grandfathers – a perfect, unusual and exciting place for all generations. Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and science so it will be easier to perceive why your eyes see things which your brain cannot understand.


What to see and do at the Museum of Illusions? Museum of illusions near me

Have fun, take your time and interact with the displays as you explore the Museum. It is a small museum with various optical illusion exhibits so an hour and a half should be enough. You will also get to enjoy one of the largest hologram exhibitions in this part of Europe.

In the playroom, all are invited to play, compete and learn. The playroom stimulates learning and fun with Dilemma games, wooden puzzles and other educational concepts.

With over 50 intriguing exhibits, MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS, offers more eye-fooling fun than any other destination in New Delhi. The museum’s collection of interactive, immersive, and distinctly incomprehensible exhibits is based on math, science, and psychology. Visitors are prompted to learn about the tricks of perception and how the human brain works as they move through each exhibit. Imaginations can run free in the vast expanse of the Infinity Room, defy the laws of gravity in the Reverse Room, and shrink to miniature size in the Ames Room – all while capturing a coveted, baffling photo.

New Delhi’s  Museum of Illusions is 30th location for the rapidly expanding brand

With uniquely mind-boggling backdrops – including several designed just for the New Delhi location – the museum offers photo opportunities that visitors will not find anywhere else in the area. The ability to post in Social Media inexplicable snaps has escalated the Museum of Illusions’ popularity and created a cult-like following among its fans.

Whether you are looking for a new adventure, a family excursion or, simply looking to broaden your knowledge and perspective, MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS New Delhi is the perfect place for all ages: friends, families, couples, elderly people!

Announcing the launch of this new MUSEUM in New Delhi, Mr. Charalampos Douros, CEO, Enthoosia Group said: “India has always been on the top of our list and we are very excited to make it happen. We believe in the value of entertainment and education and our museum is designed in a way that will encourage people to have fun while learning the mechanics behind each illusion. Our staff is highly trained, and we cannot wait to share our knowledge with you. Come and experience the world of illusions. We know you’ll love every minute of it!”

MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS New Delhi is owned and operated by Enthoosia Group, a Master Franchisor of the Museum of Illusions brand. Founded in 2018, Enthoosia holds the franchise rights for 20 countries, including India.

Situated on Connaught Place, New Delhi, this is the first India outpost and 30th location for the rapidly expanding Museum of Illusions brand. New ones will be open soon in Milan (Italy), Bruxelles (Belgium), Thessaloniki (Greece) and Orlando, Las Vegas and Miami (US).

To find out museum of Illusions near you check here.

Museum of illusions near me


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