MTS launches LTE in new terminal of Khabarovsk airport

Russian mobile operator MTS has completed the expansion of its infrastructure in the Khabarovsk airport.


The whole area of the new terminal of the airport has been covered with the operator’s LTE network.

MTS implemented both indoor coverage inside the new terminal building and provided quick and convenient access to the network on the runway. To implement this project, the company’s specialists developed a complex technical solution that could provide high-quality digital services in a large number of indoor rooms isolated from the signal outside the building.

To provide high-speed Internet, they created a distributed antenna system of 45 antennas, more than three km of high-frequency cable and more than 50 modern technical devices. According to the press service of the company, the internal base station allows you to provide services in all modern standards of mobile communications and, if necessary, can be upgraded to provide next-generation communications.

“One of the priority areas for MTS is providing high-speed mobile Internet transport hubs in the region. Of course, the building of the new airport terminal has become a key object for us. Passengers are not even ready to wait for take-off, while permissible by the rules, to refuse voice services and access to familiar applications, instant messengers, and email. Our telecom infrastructure is built in such a way that covers the entire territory of the complex: the new terminal building, runway, adjacent parking. I’m sure that MTS customers will appreciate these advantages, and travel will be even more convenient and enjoyable for them, ”said Natalia Ekshenger, Director of MTS in the Khabarovsk Territory.

The maximum speed of mobile Internet at Khabarovsk airport can reach 100 megabits per second. The average speeds with the usual passenger flow will allow those waiting for arrival to fully use any Internet services: from simple communication in instant messengers to watching online video in high quality.

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