MTS launched eSIM for IoT devices

Telecommunications company MTS has launched eSIM for IoT devices and the machine-to-machine segment. The technology allows you to remotely load a virtual SIM-card to a chip embedded in the equipment and change the subscriber profile. Rusbase was informed about it in the press service of the company.

eSIM operates in accordance with the international GSMA standard and regulatory requirements. It is noted that MTS became the first Russian operator to launch such a service.

According to the company, the service will be in demand among manufacturers of IoT equipment. They need to test devices in production and then sell them to various regions of Russia. A regular SIM card and a SIM chip do not allow changing the owner without going to the telecom operator and replacing the physical carrier. With the help of eSIM, you can remotely “flash” the device and load a new subscriber profile there.

It is also noted that the technology will improve the reliability of the equipment: the device can be made completely sealed and not subject to external influences, such as temperature extremes or vibration.

“The technology will make it possible to manufacture and sell equipment already provided with communication, which will greatly simplify the integration of devices. The launch of a full-fledged technology … will stimulate the development of the Russian Internet of Things market, ”noted Mikhail Kozlov, Director of the IoT Department of MTS.

The technology can work in 2G, 3G and 4G standards or in the energy efficient network of the Internet of things NB-IoT.

All eSIM maintenance – loading, activation, deactivation, switching and deletion – is carried out by the telecom operator. Depending on the type of device, customers will be able to choose one of the special IoT tariffs, which differ in the communication standard, the volume of Internet traffic and the presence of voice traffic. You can buy eSIM through your personal manager or by leaving a request on the website.


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