MTS Belarus launches Wi-Fi on buses in Grodno

Wi-Fi appeared on buses that run between Grodno and Minsk. Thanks to the MTS, the trips from the regional center to Oshmyany, Ostrovets, Lida, Volkovysk, Voronovo, Novogrudok and Smorgon became more comfortable

Mobile operator MTS Belarus has installed Wi-Fi hot-spots on the public transport buses of public transport carrier Grodnooblavtotrans in the city of Grodno.
Wi-Fi services have become available on 26 buses, on both inter-city and international routes.

Free internet is also available on the international route connecting Grodno and Gdansk. You can also use Wi-Fi when traveling from Grodno to Ukrainian Zatoka.

“The emergence of Wi-Fi in transport allows you to increase the level of comfort during the trip. Many bus carriers began to provide free Internet, thereby creating additional amenities for passengers. Now you can check your mail, listen to music or watch videos while you are on the way, ”noted in MTS.

In order to use free Wi-Fi, you need to go through identification: when you first visit, the user is automatically redirected to the Authorization portal, where you need to enter a mobile phone number. After that, an SMS will come with a connection code. The network is configured in such a way as to ensure comfortable surfing at the same time for all passengers.

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