MTS Belarus launches eSIM

Mobile operator MTS Belarus has started offering eSIMs for customers with compatible devices. MOre about MTS Belarus eSIM offer find out below.

SIM card e SIM shop

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eSIM for subscribers is available on devices that support this technology. The compact size allows device manufacturers to use the electronic card also in smartwatches and Internet of Things devices. mts belarus esim

Data for connecting the number to the MTS network is downloaded to devices with eSIM support using a special QR code. Read more about the rules for using eSIM in MTS here .

Currently, eSIM technology is available for next smartphones: Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone XS, Apple iPhone XS Max, Apple iPhone 11, Apple iPhone 11 Pro, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE2020, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 +, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Z flip, Huawei P40 and Huawei P40 pro, the latest iPad tablets (except for models without a mobile module).

Profit up to 350 rubles for a number of Apple gadgets

To get a discount on any version of these devices, just connect to the “Super max 50” tariff plan at the same time you buy the gadget in the communication salon or on the MTS online store. The discount is valid both with a single payment and in installments, and the savings can be up to 350 rubles!

So, as part of the campaign, the cost of Apple AirPods 2 with Charging Case headphones was reduced to 369 rubles, which is 120 rubles less than their usual price. And the price of Apple AirPods 2 with Wireless Charging Case has been reduced to 449 rubles, which is 160 rubles more profitable. Models will please their owner with a convenient design, clear sound and support for the Siri personal assistant, which allows you to control the gadget using voice commands.

Apple AirPods Pro’s unique wireless headphones feature active noise canceling and a large number of voice commands. You can buy a gadget for 609 rubles, receiving a discount of 170 rubles.

Smart Apple Watch Series 3 will help you monitor your health, manage the basic functions of your smartphone and pay in a contactless way using the Apple Pay payment system. The version in the 38 mm case is available for 569 rubles, and in the 42 mm case – for 729 rubles.

With a discount of 350 rubles, you can purchase functional and stylish smart watches Apple Watch Series 5 in a 44 mm case. The latest Apple Watch model is equipped with a non-fading display function that allows you to quickly view data, and Siri voice assistant will find information for you on the Internet, determine the name of the song using Shazam, and turn on the desired workout. Smartwatches Apple Watch Series 5 44 mm for the stock can be purchased for 1179 rubles, a more compact version in the case of 40 mm – for 1149 rubles.

Here are some indicative prepaid SIM card prices: eSIM Activation

Europe (30 countries)
1 GB – 30 days –  €3.70
3 GB – 30 days – €10.77



Europe (39 countries)
1 GB – 7 days – €4.53
3 GB – 30 days – €12.00



Europe (29 countries)
500 MB – 1 day – €2.00
3 GB – 30 days – €8.00



Europe (36 countries)
1 GB – 7 days – €6.50
3 GB – 15 days – €11.00



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