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m:tel Bosnia released a 4G network in all major cities in country

m: tel is ready to welcome the long-awaited and finalized CRA licenses, and will now provide its customers with all the benefits of the 4G network


By obtaining the necessary licenses from RAK (Bosnian telecom authority) and in accordance with their prescribed conditions, 4G network of m: tel will increasingly be covered by all major cities in Bosnia, and then all other places and rural areas.

This company is inviting users who still do not have cards supporting the 4G network, in the coming period to visit m: tel outlets and replace their existing SIM cards with new ones, in order to be ready for even faster Internet and all other advantages of LTE technology.

The 4G network provides users with faster access to mobile data both in upload and download. As the mind says: tel, the Internet speeds brought by the new LTE technology will be up to 10 times the current one. A new, more flexible technology means a more efficient way of delivering services that m: tel will offer its users in the future. M: tel is ready to use the 4G network since 2013.

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We thank the competent institutions that finally enabled the implementation of LTE technology and mobile network of the fourth generation. The very fact that Bosnia is no longer the only country in Europe that lacked the legal and formal conditions for the application of the 4G network, speaks about the relationship of the competent institutions to the needs of the citizens of this country, “the company m: tel that has long recognized the needs of its users She has been staffed and technically prepared for the implementation of new technology for six years.

 “In modern countries, the 4G network is a subject that is implied. What certainly attracts our attention is the higher level of development and service delivery to our users, such as the use of the 5G network. We sincerely hope that the relevant institutions will not need the new six years for a decision on the fifth generation mobile network, “said m: tel.

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