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MPT Myanmar remind prepay users to make regular top-ups to maintain SIM card validity

After purchasing the registered SIM cards, MPT prepay users are required to make the first call, SMS, USSD or by topping-up within 180 days.  If the SIM card is not activated within 180 days, the SIM card in question will be moved to “Cooling Stage” where both Inbound and Outbound calls are restricted.

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After successful activation, the SIM card will have 365 days validity. However, customers are required to make a top-up within 60 days of activation. failure to do so will move the SIM card to “One-Way Block Stage” for 30 days, where customers can only receive incoming calls. All outgoing calls, SMS, Data and all Chargeable Services will be blocked.

When the SIM card is in “One-Way Block Stage”, customers can top-up within 30 days period to re-activate it. If a top-up is not made within 30 days, the SIM card will be moved to “Two-Way Block Stage” for 60 days, where both incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, Data and all chargeable services are blocked.

A SIM card in “Two-Way Blocked Stage” can be re-activated within 60 days period by a top-up using e-load such as mobile top-up or request another person to top-up the number to move it back to “Active Stage”. However, if a top-up is not made within 60 days the SIM card will be fully decommissioned and moved to “Cooling Stage”, after which a customer will require to visit an MPT Brand Shop for reactivation and top-up.

Therefore, MPT encourages its customers to make regular top-up to ensure the SIM card maintains its validity. SIM validity will be increased to 365 days from the date of recharge with every top-up.

According to the latest regulations, after another 60 days, the SIM card will be moved to “Recycle Stage” which will be reallocated to a new customer. and the phone number will be dissociated from the SIM card and it may be reassigned to a new customer. More information about SIM validity can be found at MPT official website.

All MPT prepay customers can check the validity of their SIM cards by dialling *124# or sending SMS “BAL” to 1331. SIM Validity does not apply to MPT post-paid SIM cards.

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