Movistar Offers Unlimited International Roaming

This offer is for all customers with multimedia plans M, L, SD and free HD * They can enjoy from 7 to 21 days of unlimited browsing (according to the contracted plan) in 26 countries in America and Europe

Movistar Chile (Telefonica) announced that it’s the first operator in the country to offer unlimited data for international roaming in a total of 23 countries throughout America and Europe.


Thanks to this benefit, all postpaid clients of multimedia plans M, L, SD and free HD, can enjoy from 7 to 21 days of unlimited browsing (according to the contracted plan) in 26 countries in America and Europe. With this, each user will be able to use their gigabytes unlimitedly during the days that their plan has, both to navigate and to use their favorite apps.




For example, this benefit will allow us to use such useful applications abroad such as Google Maps, Waze, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and even make video calls via WhatsApp or Messenger, without worrying about the consumption of gigas during the days when the benefit is active.


The roaming with free gigs of Movistar Chile will be activated automatically when the clients of multimedia plans M, L, SD and free HD travel abroad to one of the 26 countries included in this benefit (see list of countries below) (This way you activate your roaming service before the trip). Once the service is activated, it can be used during the days contemplated in the corresponding plan.
The duration of this benefit varies depending on the type of plan. For example, a client with postpaid plan L has roaming with free gigs to be used for 10 days in a calendar year. That is, if you travel three days abroad, you can still enjoy 7 days for your next destination outside of Chile. This benefit will be renewed every December 31. Therefore, on January 1, this same client will once again have 10 days of roaming to use during that year.

“The Movistar Roaming Passport has had a wide reception of our customers, with a growth of more than 36% during 2018, which responds to the increasing need for connectivity of people at any time and place, along with an offer every time more competitive and convenient. In fact, Movistar Chile extended its Passport Roaming offer to 80 countries, destinations that represent more than 99% of consumer traffic of Chilean users outside the country, delivering a totally unlimited internet browsing, “says Carlos Carvajal, Products and Services manager of Movistar Chile.

Each client can review the detail of their benefit, see how many days and hours they have consumed and how many they have available, through the Mi Movistar application, available for iOS and Android.

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