Mount Everest base camp now has 5G coverage

China’s national telecom operator China Mobile claims to have opened its 5G network service on Mount Everest to celebrate its 20th birthday since its separation from the state-owned provider

China Mobile Telecom has now set up a 5G network base station on Mount Everest. A webcam was also installed to carry out live broadcasts in real time, regardless of whether it is day or night.

The base station at 5300 meters can now be observed around the clock via webcam. As part of its “5G Mount Everest” activity, China Mobile is reportedly planning to build five 5G base stations in the form of SA + NSA networks in the Everest base camp at 5,300 meters, the transition camp at 5,800 meters and the 6,500 meters high located forward camp.

China Mobile said it had deployed more than 150 security development and maintenance personnel to maintain operations while modernizing, repairing, and strengthening the 177 km transmission line around Everest and the intersection technology along the line have.

To achieve 5G coverage of Mount Everest, China Mobile has relocated 25 kilometers of fiber optic cable at elevations of 5,300 meters, 5,800 meters and 6,500 meters above sea level, and transported 8 tons of network equipment to the area.

China Mobile announced that on April 19, at 3:30 p.m., the opening of three 5G base stations in the 5,300-meter Everest base camp and in the 5,800-meter transition camp was completed. It is expected that two more 5G base stations will be completed in the 6,500-meter forward warehouse by April 25.

Further, more than 150 China Mobile employees are taking part in the construction and maintenance of the new 5G base stations as well as upgrading existing infrastructure on the surrounding areas, according to the company. 

The first 3G connection from Base Camp was established in late October of 2010, allowing video calls. A few months later in 2011 the a tweet from Everest was sent out from a Samsung Galaxy S II (which also starred in the world’s highest unboxing video). By the way, this wasn’t the first tweet from the summit, that one came in 2010 via satellite. In 2013, China Mobile flipped the switch on the first 4G tower in Base Camp and demonstrated a live video stream in HD.


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