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Motiv updates international call prices

Russian mobile operator Motiv, working in some regions in the Urals, plans to modify rates of international calls to some destinations under its ‘Your World’ and ‘MegaMini Prices’ services, as well as under the ‘Close Home’ tariff.

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The cost of 1 outgoing minute when using the “MegaMiniTseni” service in Tajikistan is 9.2 rubles, to Turkey – 11.8 rubles. A call to the “Close House” tariff to the numbers of the connection region, except Motive, will cost 2.2 rubles per minute, in Kyrgyzstan – 9.4 rubles per minute, to Turkey – 11.8 rubles per minute.

The cost of the call for the “Your World” service in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkey will change: 9.4 rubles, 9.2 rubles, and 11.8 rubles. per minute respectively.

New rates will apply from 30 May.

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