iPhone 11 remains the most used smartphone worldwide

In a list of the most used equipment globally, Apple takes over the first 17 entries and only after that there is room for Samsung

Samsung continues to be considered the largest smartphone manufacturer globally, but according to a list published by Scientiamobile , it is Apple equipment that is on the list of the most used. In all, the technological giant has 17 iPhone models on the list, adding up to 31.02% of the share of models used worldwide, as stated in a report for the third quarter of 2022. most used smartphone worldwide

And what is your most used model? With more than three years on the market is the iPhone 11, accounting for 5.53% globally. The analyst says that only the cheapest models from Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi are the exceptions of Apple’s dominance, but they only manage to enter the Top 10 in markets such as South America and Africa. The list of 17 Apple devices includes the latest iPhone 13 and 12, but extends to the seventh and eighth-generation models.

Only then do Samsung models emerge, with the Galaxy A21s as the most popular and the A32. The Redmi Note 8 is Xiaomi’s most popular and the Moto G20 is the Motorola model that is also listed.

Despite the popularity of the iPhone, relative to operating systems, Android continues to dominate, with 66% equipped globally . The most popular is Android 11, with 18.28%, but Android 12 has been gaining adoption and already accounts for 17.22%. iOS already has 34% of the share, with the most recent version 15.6 being the most used with 13.19%.

Regarding the foldable screen smartphone market, which began to appear on the market in 2019, the most popular model is Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, with almost half of the devices used worldwide (47%) . Samsung ends up dominating this market with eight models at the top and with a 97% share, with the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G coming in second with 32% adoption.

However, according to data from Scientiamobile, at the end of the third quarter of 2022, only 0.36% of smartphones on the market have foldable screens, a very small margin compared to the rest of the market. most used smartphone worldwide


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