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Mobileum Enhances CX with Mobily

Mobileum, a leading global provider of analytics-based roaming and network services, telco security, risk management, and testing and monitoring solutions, is pleased to announce that it is supporting Mobily Business to improve its collections process while enhancing customer experience.

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Leveraging Mobileum’s Credit and Collections solution, Mobily Business can engage with customers across online interfaces, mobile devices, and social networks to resolve customer disputes faster and more efficiently, resulting in a more positive experience for its valued customers.

With Mobileum’s solution, Mobily Business can monitor closely the efficiency of its credit scoring process, along with specific collections and dunning strategies. Mobileum’s automated solution allows Mobily Business to replace tedious manual tasks and disjointed collections systems, speeding up responses to inquiries, decreasing average handling times, and reducing operational costs. This modular solution improves recovery rates due to its seamless integration with payment platforms. It also tracks customer account information and monitors customer credits, usage, and debt in real-time. Its intuitive interface allows users to configure collection workflows and interactions without support from IT.

Mobileum’s Credit and Collection solution is tailored for the telecom industry, with proven capabilities to shorten revenue collection timelines. Mobily will be able to rely on its automated alerts and advanced dunning capabilities to improve customer engagement and communication, providing valuable information to enable faster resolution, creating stronger customer relationships. The solution will also enable a tighter customer risk management, allowing Mobily Business to apply risk scoring, which improves customer bad debt prediction.

As part of Mobily Business vision to be the leader in the market and provide our customers with the best customer experience, we invest in enhancing our digital infrastructure with our partners to provide innovative digital solutions that make us a pioneer in the region,” stated Majed Alotaibi, Chief Business & Wholesale Officer at Mobily.

“In today’s competitive environment, every customer touchpoint can become a significant differentiator. Mobily is committed to delivering excellent service and greater transparency to its subscribers. We are very pleased to work with Mobily Business and to help them improve their customer journeys, providing an advanced solution that will create a next generation of customer engagement and effectiveness,” stated Bernardo Lucas, Mobileum CMO.

Mobileum’s Collection Management solution brings out-of-the-box functionality that supports credit scoring, credit control, and debt collection processes. It assesses credit risks in real-time, automating credit controls and collection policies through the configuration of dunning scenarios to ensure end-to-end debt control.


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