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Mobile Vikings extends free calls until end-April

Belgian MVNO Mobile Vikings is extending its free calls offer until the end of April. The company started the offer earlier in March in response to the increase of calls due to the coronavirus.
As of March 19 until April 30 (at midnight, to be precise), all Mobile Vikings will have unlimited calling minutes for free to all national numbers. Landlines and mobile phones. Everybody receives two extra unlimited calling bundles: these bundles will be visible in the My Viking app and in their account on the website. One is valid until April 5, the second until April 30.


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On top of that, Mobile Vikings is doubling your mobile data per individual phone number until April 5 until a maximum of 5 GB. For example: if you have a prepaid SIM card with 2 GB, you’ll get 4 GB. If you have a subscription with 10 GB of mobile data, you get an additional 5 GB. These bundles will be added as from March 19, but keep in mind it will take a few days to add all of them.

How does a free additional bundle work?

It’s simple. You’ll receive one additional mobile data bundle (valid until April 5) and two calling bundles (one valid until April 5, the other until April 30). You’ll see them in your account on the website, and in the My Viking app. In practice, you’ll be using the bundle that expires first. So let’s say you have a bundle that would expire next week, you’ll use that bundle first. But if you have a bundle that expires next month, you’ll use the additional bundle first.

How long is an additional bundle valid?

The free additional data bundle will expire on April 5. The first additional calling bundle will expire on April 5, the second on April 30.

I have an Unlimited subscription. What do I get?

If you have an Unlimited subscription, Mobile Vikings’ll change our fair use policy for you until April 5, and you’ll surf at a lower speed after having used 25 GB instead of 20 GB.

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