Mobile phone tariffs prices: Poland, France, Germany and Italy among the cheapest in Europe

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248 has analyzed the mobile telephone tariffs in 12 European countries, discovering that Italians are among the most fortunate. Despite the latest price increases on customers with existing contracts, according to’s analysis, in Italy over the last year mobile phone tariffs have decreased by 20% and today a customer who changes operator spends, on average, € 12.50 per month, relying on data traffic of around 45 GB


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The analysis was performed by comparing the mid-range mobile telephony rates offered in June 2019 by a panel of comparison sites operating in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Holland, Poland , Spain and, of course, Italy. The analysis took into consideration a mix of representative tariff plans for each country, calculating an average value both in terms of costs and data traffic, focusing on the intermediate range of the offer, thus excluding entry level proposals, those addressed to specific targets such as the elderly or young, those aimed at stimulating the migration from one operator to another and the offers that can be categorized as top of the range.

The figure is slightly higher than the EUR 12 monthly average reported in January 2019 but remains among the lowest in Europe, comparing favourably to the monthly average paid by consumers in Norway (EUR 28), Ireland (EUR 23), Spain (EUR 17) and the UK (EUR 15), but still higher than Germany (EUR 11.60), France (EUR 9) and Poland (EUR 6), said the report.

Among the countries examined, looking at the price of the mid-range tariff plans alone, it emerges that there are few states that do better than Italy. The cheapest is Poland; here, in the analyzed rate range, we spend on average 6 euros a month, that is 72 euros a year, 52% less than us. Within this spending range, Polish tariff plans normally provide unlimited calls and SMS.

Among the most economical European states in Italy is also France, where, in the analyzed range, on average we spend about 9 euros a month, for a total of 107 euros a year. Even the French, like the Poles, can count on unlimited calls and SMS in this range. All this added up, therefore, the Italian bill is 40% higher than the French one.

Also in Germany the prices are lower than those of Italy; Germans with an intermediate tariff plan spend, on average, 11.60 euros a month, for a total of 140 euros a year, that is 6.7% less than in Italy. Also in this case calls and SMS are generally unlimited.

Who pays more

Looking at the countries where costs are higher than in Italy, it emerges that, among the countries analyzed, Norway is the most expensive; in Oslo it takes, on average, about 28 euros a month (340 euros a year), that is 126% more than what Italians spend.

Rates higher than ours also in Spain and Great Britain, where for a mid-range tariff plan we spend, respectively, € 17.40 per month and just under € 15 per month.

High costs compared to Italy also in Greece, where those who choose a mid-range tariff plan must charge about 15.80 euros per month, ie 190 euros per year; for this price range, however, the Greeks have to settle for limited calls (on average 400 minutes) and a few SMS (on average 100 even if, in some cases, they are even excluded).

Data traffic

If you focus on the GB traffic data included in the tariff band analyzed, the scenario changes significantly. From this point of view the only country that beats Italy is France where, for the average amount of expenditure calculated (9 euros), customers get on average 50 GB of data traffic per month. On the podium, but after Italy, Ireland is positioned where it is possible to count, on average, on approximately 22 GB of data every month.

Data traffic is definitely more limited for users in Greece, who have to settle for just over 3 GB every thirty days; is better, but only slightly, in Belgium (3.7 GB) and Norway (4.2 GB).

The virtual cost per GB data

Considering the high variability of the offers analyzed, in order to make the comparison uniform, calculated the virtual cost per GB of data traffic included in the analyzed tariff plans, a value obtained by dividing the average GB by the average monthly rate. Also in this case the ranking smiles at Italy which, with a virtual cost of 0.28 euros per GB, wins the second place. Once again, only France is doing better, where the cost drops to € 0.18; Poland is in third place, with a cost of € 0.37 per GB.

On the opposite side of the ranking, instead, Norway is confirmed as the black jersey, where the virtual cost for data traffic is equal to 6.76 euros per GB; followed by Greece, with an average cost of 4.87 euros per GB and Belgium, with 4.67 euros per GB.

In the lower part of the ranking there is also Germany, with a virtual cost of 2.06 euros per GB; they do better, but only slightly, Sweden and Holland, where the ratio is 2 euros per GB.

Half way up the list are Spain, Denmark and Great Britain, countries where the virtual cost of data traffic included in the rate band analyzed falls below the threshold of 2 euros, with amounts between 1.10 and 1.25 euros per GB.

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