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eSIM Go Bristol Airport

Mobile data in 150+ countries is a Breeze for Bristol Airport passengers

eSlM Go announced Bristol Airport as the first affiliate partner of its Breeze-branded global eSIM store. The partnership allows international passengers to browse, purchase and enable flexible and low-cost 4G/5G eSIM mobile data bundles for use in over 150 countries. eSIM Go Bristol Airport

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The turnkey nature of the Breeze proposition lets Bristol Airport generate ancillary revenue from Breeze’s eSIM mobile data bundles straight away with no branding or setup costs and no specialist technical know-how or resources.

Mitchell Fordham, CCO of eSIM Go, said: “Consumers now require, more than ever, access to high-quality mobile data in their day-to-day lives. This requirement doesn’t stop when they’re travelling. Although, with high data roaming charges, consumers are crying out for mobile data options that help them save money, and who better to offer this than the airport they’re flying from? Partnering with Breeze is a smart move that will benefit travellers from across the southwest, and our congratulations to Bristol Airport for being the first in the UK to offer this. It reflects very positively on their commitment to passenger comfort and choice, and is the perfect win-win innovation that generates extra revenue while satisfying customer needs and protecting them from their mobile operators’ high roaming charges.”

Breeze QR codes are available throughout the terminal building eSIM Go Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport passengers can simply scan a Breeze QR code from one of numerous points throughout the terminal building, or go here to start shopping by destination and whichever data limit and duration suits them best; instantly receiving their chosen eSIM profile that’s ready to use as soon as they land.

Rupert Lawrie, Commercial Director at Bristol Airport, said: “eSIM technology makes buying mobile data for your trip a 100% digital experience, which is a fantastic alternative to fiddly single-use plastic SIM cards and typically costs a lot less too. As well as offering some of the most competitive deals available, it’s also far more sustainable.

“Breeze has allowed us to capitalise on the eSIM opportunity very quickly, which is great for our passengers and for us. We have no internal development team to build an eSIM store, nor the technology skills and relationships to manage a global eSIM service, but partnering with Breeze takes all those overheads away, enabling us to avoid setup costs and timescales. This means we gain ancillary revenues from day one and can test the market and learn which Breeze eSIM bundles customers buy and how they engage with them.“


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