4g MiFi Mobile Hotspot

There are many benefits of renting a 4g MiFi mobile hotspot. (mifi device)

The main benefits are the convenience and the savings.

  • Local SIM card: Complicated setup and limited data. Only allows one device per SIM;
  • Roaming: Expensive roaming fees and slow connection;
  • Free Public WiFi Hotspot: Usage areas limited, with questionable security

International cell phone roaming plans and European SIM cards are expensive and restrictive, usually charging extremely high rates for a very limited amount of minutes if you need to use your cell phone in Europe.

With a portable MiFi hotspot and a WiFi enabled smartphone you can use messaging apps like Skype, Google Voice, or WhatsApp to stay connected wherever you go, and you won’t have to worry about signal strength or roaming fees.

Having a portable 4g MiFi Mobile Hotspot also allows you to document your travels and upload your photos to social media platforms or send picture messages from your phone to friends and family back home.


Stop hunting for Wi-Fi Hot Spots mifi device


We deliver the pocket WiFi to the Airport, hotel, residence, office, etc.

You will receive a fully charged MiFi, complete with a convenient travel pouch and international chargers and plug adapters and simple instructions. If you have any questions, please call us or email us.

Buy it here for €49

If you want to rent it (together with SIM card for the country(ies) you need, contact us for quote.

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