Samsung Continued Dominating in Middle East Smartphone Market

Smartphone market in the  Middle East sub region declined by -9% annually and -14% sequentially in Q1 2022. Most of the key markets except for UAE and Israel too declined annually in the quarter. Middle East Smartphones

Samsung continued to retain its dominance in the sub-region accounting for 36% of the volumes in Q1 2022. Xiaomi and Apple were ranked in the third and fourth position with market shares of 15% and 7% respectively. Xiaomi has steadily grown its market shares here over the quarters as the rest of the top five largely consolidated theirs.

Middle East SP market vendor share


Egypt was the single largest market in the Middle East with  Turkey  and Saudi Arabia tied to the second spot. UAE (United Arab Emirates) was ranked third in the region.

Egypt was the largest smartphone market by volumes in Middle East. However, shipments to the region declined by -19% annually  and -24% sequentially in Q1 2022. Samsung, Xiaomi and OPPO were the top three vendors with market shares of 18%, 17% and 14% respectively.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia were the second largest smartphone market in the sub region. While Turkey  declined by -4% annually and sequentially, Saudi Arabia declined by -14%.

  • Samsung , Xiaomi and OPPO were the top three smartphone vendors by volumes in Turkey. The three held market shares of 30%, 18% and 10% respectively.
  • Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi were the top three vendors in Saudi Arabia with market shares of 58%, 18% and 8% respectively.

UAE smartphone market was the third largest and was among the exceptions in terms of growth. Smartphone volumes grew by 6% annually while it declined by -5% in Q1 2022. Samsung, Xiaomi and Itel were the top three vendors with market shares of 47%, 11% and 8% respectively. Middle East Smartphones

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