Mexican prepay data bundles rise sevenfold in two years

The IFT presents a historical analysis of mobile services in Mexico, which includes postpaid plans and prepaid schemes, for the period from 2015 to 2019.

The average amount of data included in the cheapest Mexican prepay data bundles has risen sevenfold over the past two years, according to a report from telecom regulator IFT.
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The data included in top-ups of up to MXN 40 has increased from 40MB in 2016 to 300MB, while the amount bundled with top-ups of MXN 50 to MXN 150 has risen from a maximum of 600MB to 2.35GB over the past three years.


Report highlights the main changes that have been generated in prepaid schemes and postpaid plans between May 2015 and September 2019, among which are the following:


  • In 2015, only 22% of the plans included unlimited voice minutes and SMS; while, since 2016, 100% have that offer.
  • In 2015, most of the available plans (44%) included between 1 GB to 3 GB; while, by 2019, the highest percentage of plans (79%) includes more than 3 GB.


  • In 2016, top-ups of $ 10 to $ 40 included between 0 MB and 40 MB. For 2018, it reached up to 300 MB, that is, it grew almost seven times the maximum amount of MB included.
  • As for the top-ups of $ 50 to $ 150, in 2016 the included MBs ranged from 100 MB to 600 MB; while in 2019 they included between 300 MB and 2 thousand 355 MB, more than triple in three years.

Social networks

  • In 2017, recharges of $ 10 to $ 40 included between 100 MB and 500 MB for social media use. For 2019, the offer is between 200 MB and unlimited MB.
  • In the same period, top-ups of $ 50 to $ 150 included between 500 MB and 2 thousand 48 MB; and went to 2 thousand 48 MB or unlimited in 2019.

The Report also includes a section where a simulated consumption exercise was carried out for prepaid users, which aims to show the number of refills and the total expenditure that a user would have to make to cover a basket of 1,200 MB. From the results of the year, it was identified that, in 2019, users who make refills of $ 30, $ 50 and $ 100 make a lower or equal expense to cover the simulated consumption and obtain a basket greater than or equal to MB included in their recharge, with respect to 2018.

Likewise, a simulated consumption analysis was carried out for postpaid plans. From the results of the exercise, it was identified that, most of the plans within the Low, Medium and High profiles include a similar or larger basket of MB, compared to 2018. Derived from the above, it was identified that, in 2019, for The average consumption of MB (3 to 5 GB) and High (greater than 5 GB), the user does not incur additional expenses to cover the simulated consumption of MB.

The IFT has the Telecommunications Services Comparator , an online tool that is periodically updated and that allows comparing in a simple and detailed way knowing the characteristics of mobile and fixed service plans, in their different contracting modalities, available in the country .

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