Messaging Made Easier: iSIGN Media Eliminates Up-Front Hardware and Software Costs in a New, Beneficial Pricing Revision for Its Security Alert and Mobile Messaging Services

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.  is now pricing its mobile messaging services to include hardware and broadcasting into one single, easily managed monthly fee, eliminating the need for a client to make an upfront payment for equipment, thereby making entry into the proximity-based mobile marketing channel more manageable and cost-efficient.

Looking to eliminate up-front capital costs, iSIGN’s new pricing revision will allow the company to provide all equipment and software on a reduced monthly fee basis. The low-cost monthly fee will apply to all commercial and security-based networks’ hardware and software on 24 to 48-month terms, including networks using Mtrex wireless modems.

With the monthly fee, messaging and business data will be reduced to less than a cent per message to both the public and to participating members in the network.  Messaging will include all App-free Bluetooth proximity push information, as well as messaging done via Wi-Fi and the iSIGN Security App. To further benefit members, all hardware equipment will also become property of the contracted network operator at the end of the 24-month term.

“With iSIGN SaaS Solutions now able to provide security alerts and commercial messaging solutions individually to large public locations, such as schools, stadiums, government buildings, churches, and large public events on a 24/7 basis, we felt it necessary to make it easier for users of our Smart Antenna and Security Alert Messaging (SAM) system to get set up within the mobile messaging community and not have to deal with any additional worries. They can focus just on their brand messaging to consumers or distributing the instant alerts and information needed during times of crisis,” said iSIGN’s President, Alex Romanov.

Features of iSIGN’s Security Alert Messaging (SAM):

  • Reliable: Engage your SAM network users by providing them with regular updated messages. SAM messages will reach users in case of emergencies, and lets you use digital signage and mobile device screens in your Sam network to post directions.
  • Flexible: Route users to safety using content that includes static graphics, animation, and videos. Get users’ attention regardless of whether they are looking up or down at their device screen.
  • Comprehensive: Track Wi-Fi connected devices and Bluetooth-discoverable devices in real-time. This helps rescuers locate users in the network to support a faster rescue. User engagement can also be tracked via email receptions, mobile messages, or website and app screen views.
  • Fast: In a matter of seconds, reach out to tens of thousands of users over multiple communication paths.
  • Cost-Effective: Leverage SAM’s communication support for advertising, promotion or even full support for user loyalty. Revenue from these activities turns SAM into revenue positive solution.
  • Measurable: Track SAM user engagement via email receptions, mobile message, web page and app screen views.
  • Easy: The SAM system is ready to use solution without the need for expensive development. SAM is not a tool; it is a built and tested messaging solution.
  • Economical: Alert messaging installations have proven to slash insurance premiums by decreasing the risk of patron harm.

Requiring no cellular coverage and through use of iSIGN’s proprietary Smart Antenna, network operators can interact with mobile devices using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to provide customers with relevant information. Customers must choose to opt-in, upon which they can receive a multilingual and secure message through various forms of media, at no cost to them.

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