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Mercosur roaming

Mercosur roaming fees could end by mid-year

International roaming charges among the countries of the Mercosur free trade area could end by midyear, according to Teresita Palacios, head of Paraguay’s telecoms watchdog Conatel. Mercosur roaming

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Mercosur or ‘común Mercado del Sur’ members are: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Slikovni rezultat za Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay

For the rest of America, she said that it still depends on the countries’ endorsement.

Two weeks ago, during a meeting of the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (Citel) in Buenos Aires it become possible to unblock the process of suppression of international roaming between member countries of the bloc.

We are working with Argentina, Brazil and we could also work with Uruguay on the Mercosur plan. The intention is to disappear. We intend to advance at the level of neighboring countries. In May we have a meeting, “she said.

Teresita Palacios added that this could be achieved before the second half of this year (June) and that it helps that operators view these negotiations with good eyes.

In order for this same process to take place with the other countries of the Americas, she said that “each country has to approve what we decide in that forum”.

Palacios admitted at another point that our country is still behind in terms of fixed internet service, which, he said, does not happen with the mobile phone. She admitted, however, that the rate is still very high, considering the Mediterranean condition of our country, which is why the cost becomes more expensive. “The operators negotiated and already got better prices and on our part there are negotiations so that they get cheaper to them and that also reaches the final consumer,” she argued. Mercosur roaming



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