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Melita is Malta’s fastest growing mobile operator

The lastest Malta Communications Authority figures show that more than 21% of consumers are utilising Melita services. Melita’s current subscribers amount to nearly 140,000, confirming it as Malta’s fastest growing mobile operator. malta mobile operator

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Chief Executive Officer Harald Roesch, said that growth in subscribers’ numbers is a positive result when considering that Melita was the third operator in the local market. He also thanks the customers for their loyalty and support.

Melita’s success is the result of a focused effort to provide the best possible customer experience and value for money. Among other initiatives, major investment went into Malta’s only 5G mobile network, as well as a significant increase in mobile roaming agreements that are giving customers access to faster and cheaper roaming experience.

The launch of mobile plans with unlimited data starting from €35 per month pushed Melita’s subscriber growth by 16 per cent in 2018. A similar growth trend continues in the first part of 2019.

Melita has also grown significantly in the business segment with more and more business opting for corporate plans by Melita that give better value and transparency supported by a reliable network and dedicated customer support.

Mobile telephony

The mobile telephony subscriber base grew by 11,084 subscriptions year-on-year to reach a total of 615,843 by the end of 2018. The number of post-paid plans was up by 13,987 subscriptions (or by 6.6%), compared to a decline of almost 3,000 pre-paid subscriptions. In general, this shift is most likely explained by the rise in popularity of voice and data allowances associated with post-paid plans. The allowance factor also contributed to the observed rise of 6.4% in voice traffic volumes and a 31% jump in annual mobile data consumption. Both subscriber and traffic volumes growth contributed to the observed increase in mobile telephony ARPU.

Another significant rise was observed in terms of roaming voice and data traffic volumes, following the implementation of ‘roam like at home’ regulations in Q2 2017 consumers have been able to travel to member states and use allowances provided by their local service providers.  In fact, mobile roaming data used by local subscribers whilst travelling abroad increased from 63.3 million MB in Q4 2017 to 109.6 million MB in Q4 2018.

Fixed telephony

Subscriptions for the fixed telephony segment were up by 15,157 (or by 6.3%) year-on-year, to 255,437 by the end of 2018. Despite the increase in subscription numbers, fixed telephony voice usage continues to dwindle in terms of both calls and minute volumes as a result of fixed-to-mobile substitution. Bundling continues to be one of the main reasons why this service remains strongly present in local households and businesses, with almost 75% of all subscriptions recorded at the end of December 2018 being purchased in a bundle.

Fixed broadband

Fixed broadband subscriptions were up by over 10,000 to reach a total of 191,833 by the end of 2018. The rising take-up of connections supporting fast and ultra-fast download speeds was the driving force behind the observed growth in the subscriber base. Significantly, the number of connections supporting headline download speeds of 100Mbps or more doubled year-on-year to reach 63,799 by the end of 2018. As a result of pricing strategies and changes in product line-up, fixed broadband turned out to be the most bundled service at the end 2018, with 88.4% of all connections being purchased in a bundle.


The pay-TV sector also recorded an increase of almost 10,000 subscriptions in the 12-month period ending December 2018. Growth in this sector was driven by higher take-up of Melita’s digital cable and GO’s IPTV services. These two platforms saw a 13.2% and 34% rise in subscriptions respectively. The continued bundling trends for the service and the launch of the TSN Sport packages contributed to the positive developments with respect to the take-up of the service. malta mobile operator


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