MegaFon Recruitment: a modern cloud platform for automating and increasing staff recruitment efficiency

MegaFon presents a new HR solution for the market - MegaFon Recruitment. A modern cloud platform will allow MegaFon customers to improve the efficiency of recruitment. Technological partner is Skillaz

MegaFon Recruitment is a virtual platform for managing the full recruitment cycle. The solution can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of all HR processes – from selecting and interacting with candidates to tracking statistics in real time.

The platform allows you to automatically collect and process vacancy responses, which expands the selection funnel and saves time for an HR specialist. MegaFon Recruitment will facilitate communication with candidates: you can interact with them in a single showcase, track their status and flexibly customize online assessment scripts, including remote testing and video interviews of candidates.

The MegaFon Recruitment HR platform will be relevant for companies of medium and large businesses with a staff of 100 people: with its help, it will be possible to quickly hire employees for various positions or select narrow specialists. Access to the platform also includes the availability of a mobile application for the operational maintenance of statuses and stages of candidate approval. The solution can be supplemented by the Digital Selection service (launched by MegaFon in July 2018) and MegaFon Target, which will help improve the quality and accuracy of the selection of new employees.

“Today we are witnessing a transformation of the personnel system, when for managing new work models, companies need modern organizational and technological changes to automate all processes. According to Deloitte, in the coming years, the HR-tech market will grow at double-digit rates, and in 2017, 67% of Russian companies have already partially automated the work of the personnel management function. Another global trend in HR is the output of the HR function in the SSC or for outsourcing. Analyzing international trends and demands of the Russian business, MegaFon, as a reliable supplier of innovative solutions, offers a packaged solution for automating the selection of personnel. Using the MegaFon Recruitment platform, our customers can reduce the labor costs for recruiting by an average of 15-30% “, -Lubov Strelkina, Director of the Pictos SSC, Chief Accountant of MegaFon, noted .

“The Russian market needed a simple and versatile solution, which allowed them to quickly build personnel selection processes of any level. By combining the accumulated experience in the development of custom HR-tech solutions that were created to meet the needs of large businesses, with great expertise from MegaFon, we received a modern integrated product with prospects to become widespread. The main advantage of the product is the possibility of quick launch, both among medium and large companies, a significant increase in speed, and most importantly, the quality of selection in the company in a short period of time, ” commented Andrey Krylov, general director of Skillaz .

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