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Megafon raises roaming, international call prices

Russian mobile operator Megafon plans to raise roaming rates and the cost of international calls and texts from 3 December. Megafon roaming international price
MegaFon provides the possibility of easy and convenient integration of “smart” office telephony with the 1C: Management of our company program. A virtual PBX from MegaFon will allow controlling the flow of incoming calls, and the CRM system, which is included in the integrated solution 1C: UNF, will help manage customer relationships.
The offer will be relevant for companies in the industrial sector or the service sector, as well as for those who are engaged in wholesale, retail or online trading.
Thus, small and medium businesses will be able to significantly improve the efficiency and quality of service to existing and potential customers of the company. Sharing the PBX MegaFon with 1C: The UNF allows the company’s manager to immediately see the necessary information about the client upon an incoming call, or create a new contact for the client who first applied. Megafon roaming international price
All calls are recorded in a special customer card, and after the end of the conversation, you can listen to them in order not to miss any detail. You can call the client in one click, and the call from the user can be immediately transferred to the personal manager. Megafon roaming  price


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Here’s what you need to know about MegaFon’s roaming and international services: Megafon roaming international price

  1. Roaming services: MegaFon provides roaming services to its customers, which allows them to use their mobile phones while traveling outside of Russia. The details of the roaming services may vary depending on the destination country, but in general, MegaFon offers affordable rates for voice calls, text messages, and data usage while traveling abroad.
  2. International calls: MegaFon offers international calls to its customers, which allows them to make calls to other countries. The prices for international calls may vary depending on the destination country and the customer’s tariff plan.
  3. Internet services: MegaFon provides various internet services, including high-speed mobile internet, home internet, and Wi-Fi hotspots. They offer different internet plans with varying levels of data allowances and speeds to suit different needs.
  4. Business services: MegaFon provides various business services, including mobile and internet services, to its corporate customers. They offer customized solutions and support to help businesses stay connected and productive.
  5. Digital services: MegaFon provides various digital services, including music streaming, video streaming, and online gaming, to its customers. These services allow customers to enjoy entertainment and stay connected with friends and family.

Overall, MegaFon offers a range of roaming and international services to its customers, as well as internet, business, and digital services. The specific details and availability of these services may vary, so it’s recommended to check with their customer support or visit their official website for more information.


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