Megafon leads by broadband speed at Moscow metro stations

TelecomDaily conducted the first large-scale study of Internet access speeds for operators providing this service in the Moscow Metro (MTS, MegaFon, Vimpelcom, Tele2 and MaximaTelecom Wi-Fi networks)

Measurements in the study were carried out in October this year for two weeks. Agency experts on smartphones with special software installed on them (the TEMS Investigation measuring complex, which as of 3Q2019 is the most used solution for measuring the quality of communication with most mobile operators in the world) traveled all 17 lines of the Moscow subway, and also recorded the speed at each from 261 stations. Measurements were taken under the same conditions – that is, at the same hours on weekdays and weekends, reports


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Data transmission in cellular networks was measured both in tunnels and at stations; at MaximaTelecom, the network is available only in wagons. Entering the station, the user still automatically switches to the network of his mobile operator.


This year, MTS and MegaFon announced the completion of the construction of an LTE network throughout the metro – in lines and at stations (recall that to achieve dense coverage, both operators agreed with each other to share networks). This led to the fact that the average speeds at the stations (we are talking about the speed of downloading data) at MegaFon – 76.5 Mbit / s, at MTS – 74.6 Mbit / s.
The results of Tele2 and VimpelCom (Beeline network) are more modest: at stations, the average data transfer rate for downloads at Tele2 exceeds 22 Mbit / s, at Beeline – 15 Mbit / s.

Average speed at stations:

HTTP DL (per user):

Megaphone – 76.5 Mbps

MTS – 74.6 Mbps

Tele2. – 22.3 Mbps

Beeline – 15.3 Mbps

FTP UL (from the user):

Megaphone – 26.3 Mbps

MTS – 24.1 Mbps

Tele2 – 8.6 Mbps

Beeline – 7.8 Mbps

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