Megafon holds 5G cyber-sport tournament in Moscow

This tournament will become a clear demonstration of the capabilities of the existing 5G-base station in Moscow

Russian mobile operator Megafon has started a cyber-sport tournament using 5G and Cloud Gaming platforms.


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For the tournament, Megafon combined 5G equipment from Huawei and Cloud Gaming technology from the Russian Loudplay platform into one ecosystem.


During the tournament, the organizers will demonstrate how the speed of the Internet in 5G networks, combined with the capabilities of cloud technology, allows you to play online games using the most affordable computers and a regular smartphone as a modem.

The decisive factor for interactive gaming cloud services is the speed and stability of the Internet connection.  The image quality and the reaction speed of the characters to the user’s commands directly depend on this.  The capabilities of 5G meet all the requirements of the most modern online games, ”said Vitaly Starodubov, the founder of Loudplay, whose words are given in the message.

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