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Megacom cuts roaming rates in certain contries

Kyrgyzstan mobile operator Megacom has reduced its roaming rates in several states. Mobile internet services are available for KGS 5 per MB when roaming on networks of the UAE operator Etisalat, Georgian operator Geocell, Canada’s Telus, T-Mobile US and Moldova operator Moldtelecom. SMS also costs KGS 5.


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Outgoing calls cost KGS 25 per minute on the network of Etisalat, and the rate is KGS 50 per minute calling from networks of Geocell, Telus, T-Mobile US and Moldtelecom.


In addition, for the convenience of subscribers in the use of voice communications and mobile Internet outside of Kyrgyzstan, active work continues to expand the list of roaming partners. For example, now MegaCom subscribers have the opportunity to use  Internet roaming  in the network of SingTel Optus Pty Limited (Australia) and Geocell (Georgia) operators, postpaid roaming  is also available  in the network of Vodafone Espana SA (Spain).

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The list of countries and partners, as well as the terms of postpaid, prepaid and Internet roaming services can be found on the official website  megacom.kg .


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