Marijuana Tourism – Destinations Where Weed is Legal

Marijuana Tourism Attracts Millions of Visitors and Dollars

Marijuana Tourism is becoming a huge deal in today’s travel culture as more and more travelers prefer destinations where weed is legal over others. legal weed

The issue over the legalization of Marijuana is a battle in many countries while many of them in recent years have come to legalize marijuana not only for medical but also for recreational purposes.

Here is a list of countries which are casual with you smoking weed:

1. Netherlands – The Ultimate Stop

Cannabis in Netherlands was decriminalized for personal use back in the early 1900s. Though, it still contnues to be illegal in many parts, carrying 5 grams or less on you is classfied as legal. The coffeeshop culture evolved in Amsterdam streets wherein people could hit up coffeeshops and enjoy a joint or so.

Famous States For Marjiuana Tourism: Amsterdam, Ternezuen, Rotterdam
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Mellow Yellow (Amsterdam), The Bulldog (Ternezuen), Checkpoint Coffeeshop (Amsterdam), Bluebird (Amsterdam)
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 5 Grams or Less
Marijuana Fines: Eur 75 (possession upto 30 grams), 2 years of prison and EUR 16,750 (possession above 30 grams)
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2. Canada – Completely Legal

The country that tops the list where both recreational and medicinal weed is permitted in Canada. It was legalized in the year 2018. They do not promote the use of it, neither do they advertise in full strength but it is legal. However, legalization comes up with limiting home production, distribution, consumption areas and sale times.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Vancouver, Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Retro Arcade and Vapour Lounge, Mega ILL (Vancouver); Vapor Central; Hot Box Cafe (Toronto)
Limit of Marijuana Possession:30 grams or less
Marijuana Fines: USD 1000 (for the first offense); USD 5000 (for repeated offense)

3. The United States – Legal in a Handful of States

Not legal in all states, marijuana is permitted if only you bear a medical ailment in 29 states, and the home produced plans are then tagged as ‘weed’ and recreational allowance in just 11 states. This means you can smoke without fear in just a handful of the states. If you smoke in countries where it is illegal, you are definitely going to serve a long term of imprisonment.

The states which you can smoke freely are- Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Colorado and Washington
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Club Ned (Colorado); The Vapor Spot (California)
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 3 grams or less
Marijuana Fines: USD 1000 (for the first offense); USD 2500- 5000 (for repeated offense)

4. Mexico – To a Limited Quantity

You may likely smoke weed here but it is decriminalized if you use it for ‘personal use’ if only the amount is limited under 5 grams or less. Cultivation and open sale are illegal, so don’t indulge in it. The attitude here is that it will not be advertised but you will not be put behind bars if you smoke a joint.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Cancun
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 5 grams or less
Marijuana Fines: USD 15-30 (for locals) USD 60-90 (for foreigners)


5. Belize – Certainly, Up to a Limited Amount

In 2017, the government decriminalized the use of weed only up to a limited quantity of 10 grams and less. Home production is allowed only if you have explicit permission. Otherwise, possession of it can lead to severe punishments or imprisonment.

Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Not promoted in public spaces
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 10 grams or less
Marijuana Fines: long term jail sentences and heavy fines


6. Jamaica – Completely Legal

Certainly legal, you can smoke weed because it was decriminalized in the year 2015. Here, possession up to 56.6 grams of weed is a petty offense and home cultivation of five or fewer plants is permitted. The religion practitioners of Rastafarians were permitted to use it freely.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Coral Cove
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Cannabis Club Jamaica
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 56.6 grams or less
Marijuana Fines: 5 bucks for the locals with a slap for an extra penalty


7. Argentina – In Private Spaces

In the year 2007, the government legalized it with its terms and conditions. First, one can smoke for personal use in a limited quantity and second, that its consumption was permitted in private spaces only. Cultivating, selling and transporting large amounts is illegal and turns out to be a punishable offense.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Buenos Aires
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Konex Center (Almagro), Cannabis Club (Buenos Aires)
Marijuana Fines: Euro 60- 5000 (from smuggling to trafficking)

8. Ecuador – Legal for Personal Use

Yes, you can go ahead with marijuana here but the laws only allow 10 grams or less. However open selling of it was made illegal and punishable. So smoke up, but don’t try and sell it openly here. Cultivation is also not permitted.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Quito
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Greenie
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 10 grams or less
Marijuana Fines: PettyF or Imprisonment


9. Peru – Allows Personal Possession

While it is an offense to state its use for recreational purposes, they allow personal possession. That is they are okay with you not making it evident that you are smoking. They prefer you smoke weed in private spaces only.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Lima
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Pizza Street, Paracas
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 8 grams or less
Marijuana Fines: 8-15 years imprisonment (incase or trafficking or small misconduct)


10. Uruguay – Yes! Go ahead!

Uruguay was one of the first countries in the world to legalize weed from ages 18 and above only in the year 2013. It made smoking weed completely free in open spaces and legalized up to 6 plants for home production. Without hesitating, you can buy the grass from any regular pharmacies and they do not frown upon it.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Montevideo
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Gourmet Cannabis club
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 40 grams or less per month
Marijuana Fines: 2-10 years of imprisonment


11. Belgium – Personal Possession Only!

As per the law, it has been decriminalized only if you smoke up to 3 grams of it or less and you are above 18 years of age. Personal possession is permitted so you can have your home productions. Just smoke wisely, as in avoiding public spaces is recommended and you will not be in any trouble.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Brussels
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Cannabis social club Brussels
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 3 grams or less
Marijuana Fines: Imprisonment on Misconduct

12. Portugal – Certainly a Yes!

Portugal decriminalized drugs back in 2001 but for weed, you can hold about 25 grams at a time as a limit here. You won’t be imprisoned if you disobey the laws but you will certainly have to pay a fine. Go ahead! Smoke weed freely here.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Lisbon
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Club Cannabis De Lisboa, Sucellus Smoke Shop
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 25 grams or less
Marijuana Fines: 3 months to 5-year imprisonment


13. Spain – Decriminalized for Personal Use

Weed for commercial purposes is a big no-no here. But if you hold weed for personal use and cultivation, then even the law won’t restrict you here. Just don’t put it for sale. The cannabis clubs are pretty popular amongst weed smokers here for legal obtainment.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Barcelona
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: New Amsterdam Cannabis social club
Limit of Marijuana Possession: uncertain for personal use
Marijuana Fines: Euros 300 and 2 years of imprisonment


14. Switzerland- Limited Bearings Only legal weed

A 2012 law decriminalized minor possessions here. If you exceed the limit, you will be fined. Cultivate up to 4 plantations of weed is also permitted. So go ahead with your indulgences. The population is also trying to get cannabis club establishments too.

Famous States for Marijuana Tourism: Zurich, Bern, Basel
Smoke-Friendly Places/Clubs: Cannabis Club Switzerland
Limit of Marijuana Possession: 4 home plantations or less
Marijuana Fines: CHF 100


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