Cloud Solutions launches shop for cloud services

Russian  company Cloud Solutions, a subsidiary of Group, has launched a shop of cloud services called Cloud Marketplace. Vendors will be able to offer their products on the marketplace, using the platform as a new distribution channel, on a subscription model.


The full package of software developers required is often costly and time consuming to install. The problem of the availability of IT infrastructure is solved by the cloud and subscription services. With their help, at any time you can access the necessary application by paying only the used amount of services. This business model is becoming popular and attractive to users. However, vendors may face difficulties when switching to it – the average budget for adapting an application for a cloud platform is about 10 million rubles and takes from 3 to 12 months.

The platform brings together development companies and provides them with a ready distribution channel for applications and services. If the product is already distributed through the service model, the marketplace will become an additional distribution channel, and access to it will require a minimum of time and investment, according to Mail.Ru Group. Connecting on a shared revenue model will allow the vendor not to pay for the initial placement of applications. If the product has not yet been provided as a subscription, the MCS team will help to adapt it.

The future development of the software goes to the clouds. Together with the developers, we will cover the needs of those niches where IT products are required “here and now.” Marketplace in the cloud will allow vendors to distribute their services by subscription and provide solutions in demand, ”commented the launch of the product Egor Ganin , deputy vice president, head of cloud and business services at Mail.Ru Group.

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