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Magyar Telekom Provides Free In-Flight WiFi for Postpaid Customers on 250 Flights

Magyar Telekom said it started offering free access to onboard WiFi on a trial basis for the company’s postpaid subscribers on specific flights of the Lufthansa group in January this year.

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From now on, postpaid Telekom subscribers can stay online by using the on-board internet on 250 flights of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Eurowings airlines, free of charge (except for the latest types of A320neo aircrafts). The service is available on a test basis, the company said.

With the Telekom InFlight Wifi service, eligible subscribers can connect to the well-known FlyNet service of the Lufthansa group, which ensures that they can connect to the internet during their flight. The service can be activated in the Telekom application by those Telekom residential and business subscribers who have at least 1 active monthly mobile or home service and downloaded the Telekom app before take-off. Lufthansa passengers can use the service for a fee, but Telekom’s postpaid subscribers can now try the InFlight Wifi service free of charge. In addition to the primary device on the flight, passengers can also connect another device to the WiFi network.

The service is currently satellite-based, and the European Aviation Network, created in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom, will only be available to domestic airline passengers at a later date. This technology combines satellite services and terrestrial mobile networks to provide faster and better quality internet access in flight.

Adjustments / technical guide Magyar Telekom onboard WiFi

Before boarding passengers can make the necessary adjustments depending on the operating system used by their smartphone. For travelers using the Android operating system, the app will automatically add a list of matching networks to the list of networks, then one only has to allow the use the GPS information and notifications for the app. For iOS operating systems, you must manually select which networks the app will add to your device’s network list, and after the display of the permissions in the popup window, the device will automatically connect to the network as soon as the flight reaches flight altitude. The necessary setup permissions are optional, but you should enable them to use this feature properly.
After boarding, when switching to airplane mode, which is a must when using Inflight Wifi, the app will notify the customer to turn on Wifi as in airplane mode it turns off.

After a successful Wi-Fi connection, one can open a magenta color button in the Telekom application’s menu that contains the SSID name and password that one needs to enter into the other device to connect it to the network.

More details and conditions can be found by clicking here.

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