Magyar Telekom first to offer MultiSIM service in Hungary

MultiSIM supports both the traditional SIM card and eSIM

Magyar Telekom released MultiSIM, a service that allows the subscribers to use their existing tariff package with several SIM cards on multiple devices at the same time. With MultiSIM, devices can directly connect to the mobile internet without needing Wifi or Bluetooth.
Devices that contain SIMs covered by the service are capable of making or receiving calls and mobile web browsing up to the voice and data usage limit that corresponds to a tariff package within a subscription.
The MultiSIM service is available with specific tariff packages against a monthly fee defined in the tariff tables.
“With the availability of eSIM after the launch of eSIM makes it possible for customers to share their monthly premium subscription across multiple devices with the MultiSIM option, Telekom will continue to build the world of networked devices. Our goal is to provide forward-looking, innovative technology solutions and services to our customers, making their lives easier and more effective, “said Zoltán Pereszlenyi, director of Telekom’s retail marketing and sales management.
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MultiSIMs will soon be available on-line and manageable, and there will be a special, more cost-effective design for low-volume devices. In addition, Magyar Telekom will further develop the MultiSIM service in such a way as to support its clients in the design of real smart homes by connecting thermostats, smart meters and household devices to the network.
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