Magenta Telekom offers 5G roaming in 26 countries

Magenta customers have 5G in their luggage. With the latest mobile communications standard, high-speed Internet is also available abroad. The first 5G roaming country was Germany last year with the Deutsche Telekom network. Since then, further partnerships have been developed to expand 5G roaming. magenta telekom 5g roaming

This year, Magenta has already signed contracts with 35 foreign mobile communications partners. This means that Magenta customers can already surf in 26 countries with 5G at no additional cost.

Roaming means: Anyone with an Austrian SIM card can also surf or make cell phone calls in foreign mobile networks. When traveling within the EU and the UK, customers continue to use their domestic tariff on the same terms and with the same quality as domestically. The prerequisite for this is that the roaming partner makes this technically available. You also need a smartphone that supports the fast mobile phone standard and a 5G tariff. Magenta offers 5G even in the smallest tariff.

If the travel destination is within the EU, there have been no additional costs for roaming for a long time: In 2017, the EU abolished roaming fees for temporary trips abroad to EU countries as well as Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Since then, there have been no additional roaming charges for calls, SMS and mobile surfing. This EU-wide regulation has just been extended by 5 years.

Cost control outside the EU magenta telekom 5g roaming

For trips outside the EU, Magenta offers bookable Travel & Surf Passes. These are automatically offered to customers when they log into the foreign network. The view of the costs is not lost when travelling. The EU cost control automatically terminates the Internet connection abroad at an amount of 60 euros and again at an amount of 120 euros. Phone calls and SMS are still possible. Those interested can find further information and useful tips, for example on boat trips, roaming settings on mobile phones or WLAN calls, at .

Magenta’s 5G network

With more than 2,000 5G locations, the Magenta 5G network currently supplies half of Austria’s households and businesses. Network coverage will increase to 55 percent by the end of the year. Overall, Magenta is investing one billion euros in the expansion of its fixed and mobile networks by 2025.

If you are travelling abroad and need sim cards choose between daily, monthly or data packages without expiration or if prefer instant connectivity, get  eSIM.


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