Madrid’s Prado Museum is integrated into Samsung’s AI assistant ‘Bixby’

Art lovers and fans of the Prado Museum's art gallery can now check with Bixby for information on schedules, ticket prices and access to personalized itineraries of the museum among other options

Samsung Electronics has continued its longstanding partnership with Madrid’s Prado Museum by adding the gallery to its personal digital assistant Bixby.


Users of Samsung devices can now use the AI platform to access information about opening times, ticket prices and free visiting hours. In addition, to mark the museum’s 200th anniversary, they can access three different personalised itineraries: a 1-hour tour of 15 works, a 2-hour tour of 30 works and a 3-hour tour of 54 recommended artworks, with on-screen information about each one.

Within the personalized tours by time, Bixby presents three types of tours: 1-hour tour and a selection of 15 works, 2-hour tour and 30 works and 3-hour tour and 54 recommended pieces to visit, with information on the screen of each one of them, as well as of its location by plant and room.

Bixby also provides additional information about the museum’s services, such as information points, which offer personalized data for the visit and free informational material; information about the free storage service in all the accesses to the museum, or information about the availability of audio guides in different languages ​​and their possibility of renting.

Bixby is Samsung’s AI platform developed to support the multiple devices we use in our daily lives, through a smart, conversational, personal and useful assistant. Additionally, the platform allows interacting with different capsules thanks to the agreements Samsung has with different companies.

“Samsung works to offer the best possible experience to our users. Thanks to the advances in innovation in Artificial Intelligence, we can continue to expand Bixby’s capabilities so that it is a tool that allows users to bring culture closer to the latest technology, ” said Miguel Ángel Ruiz, Head of Innovation and Strategy Samsung Spain brand.


Culture and technology united by collaboration

The support for culture and its development represent for Samsung a fundamental pillar in its Technology with Purpose strategy . In this context, Samsung and the Prado Museum have been working together since 2013 to bring art to society in an innovative way, through the development of interactive and multimedia projects. Within its collaboration agreement, Samsung facilitates technological innovations to the Prado Museum to offer different activities and proposals that seek to change the way of understanding art, as well as expand the experience of visitors.

Samsung and the Prado National Museum have recently renewed this agreement, which will be extended over the next two years. The new agreement is another chapter in the long relationship of the technology company and the Spanish art gallery. Thus, the continuity of this public-private alliance represents an opportunity to continue improving the internal and external experience of one of the most visited art galleries in the world.

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