Macedonia is 1st most vulnerable European country to cyberattacks

According to the latest monthly cybersecurity report by Check Point Software Technologies, the most vulnerable countries in Europe are: Macedonia (69.6), Georgia (62.6) and Albania (53.3).
Next three countries are Russia, Romania and Poland (38.8 and 35.9 respectively) with worse indicators. On the opposite side were Moldova (20.4), Iceland (20.7) and Luxembourg (21.9), which recorded the smallest number of incidents in May.
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Interestingly, Threat Cloud Map analysis indicates that the largest share of attacks on Polish computers came from US IP addresses.

According to Check Point, as many as 1/4 of corporate networks around the world were infected in May by two zero-day malware families – Fireball and WannaCry, which are classified as two of the three most common types of malware.

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