M1 Data Passport: Use mobile data overseasas you would in Singapore

With Data Passport, use the local data bundle of your mobile or mobile broadband plan to roam in 62 countries worldwide for just $10 per month! Data Passport seamlessly works with your existing mobile plans from M1.

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For example, you get to use your local data allowance when roaming overseas and all it takes is a few simple taps on your My M1 App. You may choose from a one-month or recurring subscription and will be charged according to the date of activation. If you exceed your local data bundles overseas, you will be charged at just $10.70/GB and a monthly data bill cap of $188.32.

Just activate and go M1 DATA PASSPORT

Have a business trip or a weekend getaway on the calendar? Simply open the My M1 App, access the Roaming tab, and pick the Data Passport option that’s right for you. Quick and easy. Alternatively, visit your account page on the M1 website or go through the local *123# service for similarly quick activation.

Frequent fliers should consider multi-destination packs and recurring subscriptions for even greater convenience and savings.

For instance, those traveling around Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam can opt for the 9-country ASEAN Data Passport for $25, rather than paying for three separate activations.

M1 also has the 23-country Asia Data Passport and 35-country Europe Data Passport to support your wider globetrotting plans.



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