M-Budget Mobile adds EuropePlus option for roam like at home

Swiss mobile provider M-Budget Mobile has introduced the new option EuropePlus. This allows customers of the Mini, Maxi or Mega plans to use their allowances when roaming in the EU as well, for an extra CHF 10 per month. The option renews automatically every 30 days and can be cancelled with 60 days notice.

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Unlike many roaming options, europePlus automatically renews every 30 days. However, it can be terminated at any time by the end of the month, but with a period of 60 days. Thus, it can not be used for just one month, resp. get paid. For a stay abroad stay at least the cost of CHF 20.- to 30.-, if it is also canceled after activation.


For casual users, this option pays off rather less

This option is more for customers who are often in other EU countries. Only for the holidays, the option pays off by the automatic extension and notice period at the end of the month with 60 days rather not. Depending on the activation date, the option costs between 20 and 30 francs. Without option, the current minute rate in the EU is 45 cents. The 100 MB roaming data package costs CHF 3.90 and with CHF 500 it is CHF 9.90.

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