Lyca Mobile introduces postpaid plans in UK

Getting a high-quality and reliable mobile service shouldn’t cost you the earth. Lyca Mobile has been providing customers with quality, reliability, and value for years with their prepaid mobile plans. Lyca Mobile postpaid plans UK

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Now, with Lyca Mobile Pay Monthly, the company’s all-new range of monthly contract plans (starting from just £4), we are offering great value SIM-only deals that give you more data, more call time, and more peace of mind.

Pay Monthly prices frozen until 2026

Providing great quality at an affordable cost has always been at the heart of what we do at Lyca Mobile. That’s why we promise our new Pay Monthly prices will stay frozen until at least 2026.

  • Frozen, so you can spend more time catching up on your watch queue.
  • Frozen so you can spend more time laughing with friends on video calls.
  • Frozen so you can spend more time gaming on the go.
  • Frozen, so you can spend more time on holiday exploring, feasting, and lounging.
  • Frozen, so you can spend more time sharing the moments that matter.

Introducing the Lyca Mobile Pay Monthly Range

Lyca Mobile’s new Pay Monthly range offers you high-speed data, reliable network coverage, and great value for money – and it starts at just £4.

Our range of Pay Monthly plans comes in 12-month or one-month rolling contracts. All our plans come with unlimited calls, texts, and EU roaming as standard, plus 100 international minutes to 40 countries. And with Lyca Mobile’s new network, you’ll enjoy stable connectivity and the best 4G and 5G coverage in the UK.

12-month plans

Plan 12 months
Unlimited data
£4 a month
£8 a month
£13 a month
£18 a month


1-month plans

Plan 12 months
Unlimited data
£5 a month
£10 a month
£15 a month
£20 a month


5GB – a basic, low-cost monthly plan to keep you connected

Our 5GB plan is perfect for mobile customers with light data usage needs. If you’re typically using Wi-Fi, switching from a slim prepaid plan, or traveling locally but still need low-cost and reliable data, this is the plan for you.

See our 12-month plan: £4 a month
See our 1-month plan: £5 a month

20GB – a sizeable monthly plan for today’s essential mobile needs

If it’s a solid data allowance that’s suitable for work and play, our 20GB plan is just right. You can stream your favorite TV shows and films. Audio and video chat with family and friends over popular apps Keep up with work tasks on the go. And find your way from A to B.

See our 12-month plan: £8 a month
See our 1-month plan: £10 a month

100GB – a premium data plan for those who like to work hard and play hard

Are you looking to go even further with your data? For heavy data users, our 100GB plan will keep you going all month. Play the latest mobile games over high-speed 5G. Chat with friends over data anytime, anywhere. Get your food and drink orders placed in a flash. And you still have enough data to take your weekly video meetings and power through your production schedule before chilling out with some entertainment.

See our 12-month plan: £13 a month
See our 1-month plan: £15 a month

Unlimited data – a must-have data plan to take your mobile experience to the max

When you need all the data you can get your hands on for a sound price, look no further than our Unlimited Data Plan. Unlimited social media. Unlimited calls and texts There are numerous ways for you to connect. For frequent flyers, business users, weekend warriors, and those who need an all-in-one mobile plan they can trust. Switch on. Link up. And take your mobile experience to the max.

See our 12-month plan: £18 a month
See our 1-month plan: £20 a month

Switch your plan to suit your lifestyle

Whether you choose a basic data plan or a premium data plan, Lyca Mobile Pay Monthly gives you the freedom to switch and change at your leisure.

Upgrade a plan Lyca Mobile postpaid plans UK

You can choose to upgrade to a higher data plan or a longer contract duration at any time. Log into your Lyca Mobile account online or via the new Lyca Mobile app (for Android and iOS), and select the plan you’d like.

Downgrade a plan Lyca Mobile postpaid plans UK

For ultimate flexibility, you can take up one of our 1-month plans. Signed up for too much data? No problem. You can downgrade to the data tier below your current plan. For instance, downgrading from a 1-month 100GB plan would take you to our 1-month 20GB plan.

It is also possible to downgrade a 12-month plan in the same fashion. You move to the data tier below your current plan, so, you can move from a 12-month unlimited plan to a 12-month 100GB plan.

You can downgrade from your Lyca Mobile account or via our mobile app.

Call, text, and roam free with any Pay Monthly plan

Every plan comes with unlimited UK calls and texts, so you can always stay connected to family, friends, and everyone else who matters to you. Plus, with 100 international minutes to 40 countries included in every plan, you can stay in touch with distant loved ones.

And when you do travel, every Pay Monthly plan includes EU roaming to 30 destinations as standard, including popular destinations like France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Poland, Spain, and Sweden. Which means you can roam just like you do when you’re at home.

To ensure you don’t use more than your allowance, you can set a spending cap when you purchase a plan.

Enjoy more peace of mind with Lyca Mobile Pay Monthly

There’s never been a better time to join Lyca Mobile. Our new Pay Monthly range offers quality, reliability, and great value for money.

And with Lyca Mobile’s price freeze promise, you can save more money and enjoy a lot more peace of mind.

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