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The GoPro Hero10 Black is the company's greatest action camera to date. It shares a lot of similarities with the Hero9 but rolls video with more pixels and twice the frame rate

Traveling with a sophisticated camera might be dangerous, especially if you intend to brave the rain, sand, snow or waves. The good news is that there are tough waterproof cameras available that can handle all of these situations without even breaking a sweat. The world of photography and videography has been dramatically transformed by GoPro. And that is a fact. gopro hero10 review

The Hero 10 Black, which features a brand-new processor, 5.3K60 footage, and HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization, is GoPro’s most powerful action camera yet.  The upgrades to the Hero 10 appear to be much more subtle at first appearance after GoPro’s drastic redesign with the Junak 9 Black, the first Hero with color screens on the front and rear. The Hero 10 Black, however, has a brand-new heart hidden beneath its tough, water-resistant skin.

The GoPro GP2 processor initially appears in the Hero 10 Black. The Hero 10 Black can shoot at twice the frame rate of the Hero 9 thanks to GP2, which has twice as much performance as its predecessor. It also has an improved user interface and more effective video stabilization.

The Hero 10 retains many of the enhancements made to the outside of the Hero 9 in its design. It is waterproof to a depth of ten meters and has the same dual-screen layout, control configuration, and mounting lugs. Its measurements, 51 x 71 x 34 mm, are actually a precise match to the Hero 9’s footprint. Even at 153g, it is still 5g lighter. Because of their comparable designs, all Hero 9 GoPro cases, mounts, and mounts are still compatible with the Hero 10.

GoPro Hero 10 Black

The lens, microphone, and 25 x 25mm LCD screen are all located on the front of the camera. New coatings have been added to the lens to assist it withstand water and lessen ghosting. The lens has also been enhanced with improved scratch resistance. Along with being compatible with the GoPro Ultra Wide Max Lens Mod, the lens housing itself is also detachable.
There are physical shutter and power buttons on the left and right edges of the camera’s back, which is nearly fully devoted to the big 50 x 33mm touchscreen. A second microphone is located below the power button in a recessed inlet that is intended to allow water to drain quickly while diving.

There is a waterproof entrance on the opposite side, and below it are a battery, a micro-SD card slot, and a USB-C port. The camera may be directly powered through USB and utilizes the same batteries as the Hero 9. gopro hero10 review

The built-in camera has distinct photo, video, and time-lapse modes, each with a customisable user interface. Additionally, there are built-in presets for capturing slow-motion videos, nighttime lapses, and using TimeWarp hyperlapse on GoPro cameras.

Using “digital lenses,” which alter the camera’s cropping and distortion corrections, you may alter the field of vision on any current GoPro. Although the widest SuperView setting is only accessible at 4K and lower, options vary from 16mm at the wide end to 27mm at the narrow end. Furthermore, it should be noted that turning on HyperSmooth stabilization will cause more clipping.

The Hero 10 Black has a direct USB connection for quicker file transfers and can be synced with the GoPro Quik smartphone software for hands-free camera control or on-the-go editing.

GoPro Hero 10 Black: Performances gopro hero10 review

Anyone who has purchased a GoPro in the past several years should be familiar with the Hero 10’s user interface. Both seasoned GoPro users and beginners will find it to be well-designed, simple to use, and accessible. Swipe up for playback and down for settings to choose between photo, video, and time-lapse modes.

There are presets supplied for each setting, or you can choose to make your own from start. To keep your most-used features nearby, you can even personalize the on-screen shortcuts on a preset basis.

The Hero 10 does a fantastic job in video mode. The dynamic range is abundant, the exposures are evenly distributed, and the colors are true to life. Videos have that recognizable, saturated GoPro appearance right out of the box, but you can easily adjust the settings, or you can shoot in flat profile and grade in post.

The top 10K settings of the Hero 5.3 produce incredibly detailed images. Additionally, while though you probably won’t post anything at 5.3K, it should significantly increase your possibilities for cropping or downsampling while editing. However, for busier scenes, you might wish to choose the high-performance 100Mbits/s recording option because the default 60Mbits/s mode can occasionally look a little blocky.

The usage of Horizon Leveling is also quite beneficial. Off-axis shots from handlebars, helmets, or tripods should play completely flat because Horizon Leveling can correct up to 45 degrees of tilt while shooting in linear display mode (at any resolution and frame rate). Even while it’s a significant improvement over the Hero 27’s 9 degrees of correction, DJI’s Action 2’s 360 degrees still offer much more. The Hero 10 must be used in conjunction with the GoPro Max Lens Mod accessory to deliver that level of performance. The built-in mics are fantastic, just like the previous GoPro iterations. Voices come through clearly, and you may record two audio tracks, one of which has a user-defined level of additional processing and one RAW. gopro hero10 review

GoPro Hero10 Black: Battery and accessories gopro hero10 review

The GoPro Hero10’s new processor and higher-quality footage all takes a toll on the battery, and on the box, you get the same 1720mAh battery used by the Hero 9 Black. It lasts between one to two hours if you’re recording long videos, and you’ll get through a day if you’re just capturing occasional clips, which is how we tend to shoot – but if you leave it recording, it’s lights out. This is especially true when your camera’s screen brightness is high, or if you’re shooting high frame rate footage.

If you need better battery life, GoPro has launched the Enduro battery since the Hero10 Black was announced. That costs £24.99 and lasts around 20 percent longer than the default cell. It also withstands more challenging temperatures.


The Hero 10 Black is GoPro’s most potent Hero camera to date, combining the adaptable dual-screen design of the Hero 9 with an extensive list of features. Even the most demanding users should be satisfied by the unparalleled speed and resolution options, and both professional and non-professional users will value the stability and overall usability enhancements.

It has several restrictions, such as overheating when used at its maximum capacity for a lengthy period of time and subpar battery performance, but most individuals are probably able to work around these issues. Spare batteries are a given, as seasoned GoPro users will attest.

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GoPro 10 Black review

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