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Lithuania starts remote number porting service for eSims

Lithuanian telecommunications regulator RRT announced that mobile customers can activate the number porting service remotely since 01 January. The service can be activated within 10 minutes for customers with devices supporting eSIMs. Find out more about eSIM Lithuania remote processes below.

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From January 1, mobile users can officially activate services and change providers remotely. In April last year, the Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) established a procedure according to which public mobile communication services would be remotely activated for the end user within 10 minutes after all the necessary actions have been performed on his communication device.

“This technology, called eSIM, is especially relevant for organizations that manage a large number of communication devices, such as mobile or IoT devices. It is also relevant for ordinary users who use communication devices with eSIM, because such technology enables the recipients of mobile communication services to install and transfer mobile communication services remotely, wirelessly”, explains Indrė Jurgelionienė, director of the RRT Network Regulation Department.

According to I. Jurgelionienė, this means that there is no need to insert a new plastic SIM card into communication devices that support eSIM technology in order to activate or change services. Compared to a SIM card, cards supporting eSIM technology contain the same subscriber and mobile network identification and authentication information. Simply eSIM additionally provides opportunities to change the operator without physically changing the SIM card, but by managing the existing ones and downloading new operator SIM profiles to the eSIM.

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Mobile operators must follow the procedure specified by RRT and publish detailed information on their websites about the possibility of activating services and changing service providers remotely.

It is true that for now there is no possibility to use the mobile signature service with eSIM, because there is currently no solution on the market that would allow devices with eSIM to have the certificates required for authentication and signing.

It is enough to activate the code esim lithuania remote

Although the procedure comes into effect on January 1, mobile operators assess the preparation differently. Jaunius Špakauskas, head of corporate communication at Bitė Lietuva, says that they are currently at the finish line and will deliver the eSIM service to all customers at the very beginning of 2023.

“Our employees and some business customers have been successfully testing the new service for some time and they evaluate it very positively,” says J. Špakauskas.

Mobile operator Tele2 claims that their private and business customers can already use eSIM technology in their mobile phones from the end of October this year.

“Phone manufacturers are making more and more efforts to protect their devices from moisture and dust, eSIM helps a lot here – there is no longer a need to open a slot to insert or remove a physical plastic card. Getting started with eSIM is easy, customers just need to scan the QR code received from the operator. Another important advantage of eSIM is security – unlike traditional SIM cards, whose data can be cloned, eSIM technology has better security measures and functions that reduce risks”, says Aida Lumbytė, Tele2 product manager.

In order to start using an eSIM instead of a plastic SIM card, Tele2 customers must have a device that supports this technology and activate a special QR code that can be obtained by entering any Tele2 salon or by calling the customer service number 117. There is no additional charge for using an eSIM, however, as with plastic SIMs, there is a small one-time SIM replacement fee. For customers who already have a contract and decide to start using an eSIM, the available plan and its terms and additional services ordered do not change.

Transferring numbers on your iPhone without leaving the couch

“We started testing eSIM technology in smart watches a few years ago, and for a few months now all our customers have been able to activate this service by visiting any salon,” says Domas Milius, head of Telia’s eSIM service. – Before Christmas, we enabled the purest eSIM functionality – the ability to quickly install a SIM card from anywhere. This functionality will also make it easier to transfer numbers to other iPhones – this can be done digitally.”

In order to install an eSIM, the user needs to have a Telia subscriber number and download the latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 16.2. A plastic SIM card can be changed to an eSIM by selecting the “Mobile Data” section in the phone settings and clicking the “Convert to eSIM” button. In the pop-up window, you will need to log in to your “Mano Telia” account, select the phone number of the card to be changed to eSIM and confirm your acceptance of the terms. The ESIM activation process will take just a few minutes, after which you can use your mobile connection normally.

If a new phone is activated, it is done by selecting the “Set Up Mobile Service” function, and if the phone is not being used for the first time, by clicking “Add eSIM” in the “Mobile Data” section. The same steps are required to transfer an eSIM from one device to another. These features are available on the iPhone XR/XS and all newer iPhone models. esim lithuania remote



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