RRT announces tender for study on ways of fostering use of eSim in Lithuania

Lithuanian regulator RRT has introduced a tender for the preparation of a study aimed at fostering the use of eSims in the country. More about Lithuania eSIM use below. lithuania esim


The study should include an analysis of best practices worldwide, as well as of the situation in the country, and should take into consideration tech, legal and management issues.

RRT plans to announce the auctions for mobile operators to acquire the radio frequencies necessary for 5G radio communication network deployment. In Lithuania, as well as in all European Union, the 700 MHz, 3,5 GHz and 26 GHz frequency bands  have been harmonised for this technology.

Having regard to the sale of „Mezon“ business by  AB Lietuvos radijo ir televizijos centras currently in the process and requests from the operators to postpone the auctions till the „Mezon“ deal is finalized, RRT considers to announce the auction on 700 MHz frequency band  in the end of this year and to postpone the  auction on 3,5 GHz band to the 1st quarter of 2021. The auction on  26 GHz frequency band will be announced in case of market demand.

Lithuania 5G lithuania esim

As in other countries, operators in Lithuania are deeply engaged in preparation to implement of 5G  technology. Legal acts in Lithuania provide a possibility to assign free radio frequencies to operators for testing purposes on basis of non-commercial use. After receiving the request from  „Telia Lietuva“ AB and supporting the initiative of this company to practically test the operability of 5G communication, RRT assigned free radio frequencies from 3,5 GHz band to this company for temporary non-commercial use.

According to the RRT Deputy Director dr. Mindaugas Žilinskas, currently the deployment of 5G technology is one of the strategic goals of the European Union. “Nevertheless, Lithuania as the border country faces additional big challenges when preparing to 5G implementation due to its specific geographical position. We must coordinate our spectrum resources with neighbouring countries and pay significant regard to safeguarding the national interests of our state. The role of market players in preparation to 5G process is also very important. As we know, all operators actively prepare to as smooth introduction of the new technology in Lithuania as possible. Tests of 5G and measurements of signals at the base stations will give us additional arguments to negotiate with the administrations of neighbouring countries. Our common goal is to have full scope of 5G services in Lithuania as soon as possible and that operators had all spectrum resources they need for provision of commercial services right after relevant auctions“, – says M. Žilinskas.

RRT reminds that conditions of radio frequency auctions will not define a specific technology to be developed in a particular radio frequency band. After receiving the frequencies, operators will be able to use them to develop the current 4G technology, as well as for new 5G technology, taking into account the needs of consumers. lithuania esim

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