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LINK Mobility Goes Global

LINK Mobility, a leading Communication-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) provider, has taken bold steps in fulfilling its growth strategy by agreeing to an exclusive term sheet to acquire global CPaaS player Soprano Design, which is headquartered in Sydney, Australia. With this proposed acquisition, LINK will obtain a truly global footprint with a presence in Asia-Pacific, the US, and Latin America.

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Soprano Design provides similar products to LINK in its SMS, MMS, Email, Voice, RCS, WhatsApp, and SecureIP offerings used by over 4,000 enterprise customers and government authorities spanning a wide range of industries. Soprano’s services are either branded or white-labelled and provide self-managed, enterprise-grade solutions to orchestrate interactions.

Global CPaaS player

“We are enthusiastic to announce our first material expansion outside Europe. With this acquisition, LINK will become a global CPaaS player with broader market positions, products, and organizations. Since the IPO in October last year, we have already added more than NOK 1 billion in annual revenue and improved group margins, and whilst Soprano will add significant growth opportunities, we continue to see near-term opportunities in our highly fragmented market that may further position LINK as a global leader within CPaaS,” says Guillaume Van Gaver, CEO of LINK.

With a purchase price of NOK 3,590m, the deal perfectly positions LINK as a global CPaaS player, adding an estimate of AUD 109m (NOK 717m) to 2021 revenue and EBITDA estimates of AUD 27 million (NOK 174m). The deal is being settled with 95% in LINK shares and 5% in cash, clearly demonstrating the belief in LINK and the combined business opportunities in the coming years.

“LINK and Soprano are a wonderful combination for our customers and partners. The extended and non-overlapping geographical reach, wider product set, broader expertise and an ever-expanding team of seasoned professionals will lead to an ever-expanding CPaaS capability. The entire Soprano team is excited to work with the LINK team and become a stronger more valuable and meaningful provider to our combined customers,” says Dr Richard Favero PhD, Founder and Executive Chairman of Soprano. The deal is expected to close during the second half of 2021.

About Link

LINK is one of Europe’s leading providers of mobile messaging and CPaaS solutions serving enterprise, SME, and government customers. LINK offers innovative and scalable solutions that create valuable digital convergence between businesses and customers, governments and citizens, platforms, and users. LINK has 40,000 customer accounts globally and exchanges more than 10 billion messages a year.


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