Lifecell reports 55% increase in number of roaming customers

Last year, Ukrainians began to travel far more abroad, despite all the quarantine restrictions related to the pandemic. The mobile operator lifecell identified the most popular tourist destinations and analyzed how many subscribers used roaming in 2021. lifecell roaming


The number of roaming subscribers who used roaming from lifecell while traveling across the border has increased by 55% compared to 2020. And the volume of last year’s tourist flow outside Ukraine increased by 39%.

Most often, Ukrainians visited the countries of the CIS and vacationed on the coast. Turkey, Poland and Egypt became the three most popular countries for travel in 2021. The choice of our tourists in 2020 was similar: Ukrainians willingly traveled to Poland, Turkey and Germany.

Interestingly, last year Croatia, Turkey and Egypt received twice as many Ukrainian tourists than in 2020. Ukrainians also began to travel more to exotic countries: the Maldives and the Dominican Republic were visited by four times more of our tourists. But all records were broken by Montenegro, where last year six more roaming subscribers came to rest than in 2020.

Travelers are increasingly using the mobile Internet. This is confirmed by a 40% increase in data usage. The average traffic for one data subscriber is about 700 MB per day. At the same time, travelers do not forget to call home and voice calls do not lose their relevance. This figure has risen to over 30%.

In order to stay in touch abroad, lifecell offers its subscribers a variety of roaming services, among which each traveler can choose a convenient package of services for the trip. The most popular of these is Roaming Online, which was updated in 2021. Thanks to the convenient function of exchanging megabytes per minute within this service, users can both make calls and use the Internet. It is possible to order “Roaming Online” now with the help of USSD-request * 108 #, as the service package will be stored until the end of 2022.

The application of BIP and its BIP In and BIP Out functions have always been very popular among lifecell subscribers. Making calls via BiP Out is extremely difficult due to the cordon, as you do not need to pay for roaming. Calls to Ukraine via BiP Out are charged in such a way that the subscriber stays at home and is charged at the expense of packet minutes. The only condition is the presence of any Internet connection (mobile Internet or Wi-Fi). Already more than 2 million users have downloaded the BiP application from Lifecell. lifecell roaming

It is worth noting that the digital operator Lifecell has expanded the list of countries where subscribers have the opportunity to use high-speed mobile Internet of the fourth generation. There are now 56 of them. As of the end of 2021, lifecell provided roaming services in 212 countries through 559 roaming partners.


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