Lifecell launches Roaming Puzzle option

Ukrainian mobile operator Lifecell has launched its new option Roaming Puzzle.
Retail customers are able to choose either a three, eight, eleven, fifteen or 30 day-period for using roaming services.

When you activate the service, you may choose:

  • A country (or a country group) where the service is valid,
  • The number of days of service validation (service validity period),
  • Service packages with the certain volume of minutes, internet traffic or SMS.

The volume of minutes, internet traffic or SMS within service packages are only used in the above countries according to the selected country group. In other countries or in case of service package expiry or using up service volume before its expiry, the basic tariffs are applied (unless other services are activated).

Package validity depends on the number of selected days whereas service activation (3, 8, 11, 15 or 30 days). Validity countdown of each package (minutes, internet traffic or SMS) starts with the day of its usage (by Kyiv time) in the countries of its validity including the day of starting to use.

The chance of starting to use service packages is kept during 30 days from the date of service activation (by Kyiv time). If a subscriber has not started to use service packages in the selected countries of the service “Roaming Puzzle” during 30 days from the date of its activation, the given packages are canceled. In this case, the funds, paid for the service, are non-refundable.

Every time you order any internet package within the service “Roaming Puzzle” you get 100MB for usage via BiP app in the roaming (including making calls via BiP Out option). The term of 100MB validity is the same as the validity of the selected internet traffic package and its countdown starts together with the day of starting to use internet traffic package.

By saying “gift” it means that internet traffic in the volume of 100MB for the BiP mobile app in the roaming is provided to a subscriber for the validity period of the selected internet package (including the day of providing) without additional charges at the cost of the service “Roaming Puzzle”.

SMS within service package are used for sending to all mobile networks of the world. Minutes within service package are used for calls to Ukraine, inside the country visited, and by taking incoming calls of any operator worldwide. Outcoming calls to other countries (except for Ukraine and country visited) are charged at 100 UAH/min.

The service “Roaming Puzzle” is available for subscribers of individual subscription.

The service conditions are valid as of 01.06.2018.

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