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LG Uplus improves roaming pass benefits for travellers

LG Uplus continues to enhance its roaming pass offerings, providing even greater convenience and value for its customers traveling abroad. The company has expanded its benefits with the addition of five new partnerships, focusing on both airport services and popular travel destinations. LG Uplus roaming pass

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Enhanced Roaming Pass Perks

The new partnerships bolster the LG Uplus roaming pass, which was designed to streamline data usage and extend usage periods for international travelers.

‘Roaming Pass’, launched by LG U+ earlier this month, is a roaming product that allows users to freely use data anywhere in the world at a reasonable price. You can choose between 3GB (KRW 29,000), 8GB (KRW 44,000), 13GB (KRW 59,000), or 25GB (KRW 79,000) and use it for 30 days. You can receive voice calls without charging, and even if you use up the basic amount, you can continue to use it at a speed of up to 400kbps* without data blocking. An additional 1GB of data is provided to customers who sign up online.
* Level of ability to check text-based email or use app messenger.

Here’s a breakdown of the newly integrated benefits:

  • Airport Partnerships:
    • Lounge Access: Partnership with select airport lounge providers.
    • Fast-Track Security: Expedited security screening at participating airports.
    • Airport Limousine Service: Discounted rates on airport transfers.
  • Travel Destination Partnerships:
    • Local Tours & Activities: Discounts or special offers on tours and experiences.
    • Restaurant Partnerships: Deals at select restaurants within popular travel destinations.
How to Take Advantage of LG Uplus Roaming Pass

Customers can easily find out about these new benefits and how to redeem them through the LG Uplus app or by visiting the company’s website.

Continuous Improvement

LG Uplus has consistently improved its roaming offerings, aiming to make international travel more affordable and seamless for its customers. The addition of these airport and destination partnerships marks another significant step towards that goal.

Meanwhile, LG U+ has continued to provide roaming benefits to 5G rate plan customers that it has been providing since early this month. Customers using a monthly rate plan of KRW 95,0000 or more can receive double the basic ‘roaming pass’ data provided by the end of September, and customers using a monthly rate plan of KRW 75,000 or more can receive the daily limit without signing up for a separate roaming product. For 5,500 won, you can use unlimited data at speeds of up to 400kbps.

“We have increased the data capacity and available period so that customers can prioritize roaming over local SIM services when traveling overseas,” said Hye-kyung Lim, in charge of rates/affiliate products at LG U+. In addition, we will create differentiated customer value by providing the partnership benefits that customers need most.”

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