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Advertisement and Content Management in Hotels

LG Collaborates with Broadsign for Advertisement and Content Management in Hotels

Advertisement and content management in hotels are important aspects of the hospitality industry, as they play a significant role in enhancing the guest experience and generating revenue for the hotel. Owning and managing digital display advertising networks just got a lot simpler thanks to the system-on-chip (SoC) technology collaboration between LG Business Solutions USA and out-of-home (OOH) advertising technology maker Broadsign. Owners of LG webOS™-enabled digital signage displays can now use “Broadsign for SoC to activate intelligent OOH advertising and content management capabilities across their screens, introducing new revenue opportunities. Advertisement and Content Management in Hotels

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According to Chris Feldman, Senior Business  Development Manager at LG Business Solutions USA, the new solution allows owners of LG webOS-enabled commercial displays to maximize the value of their technology budgets. It simplifies installation and enables fully automated ad playlist generation, proof-of-play reporting and dynamic campaign delivery across displays in multiple locations without an external media player. LG webOS display owners can also pair Broadsign for SoC with Broadsign’s OOH supply-side platform (SSP) to access Broadsign’s global network of programmatic media buyers.

“LG and Broadsign are dedicated to providing cutting-edge tools to businesses operating Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising displays, and the Broadsign SoC solution for webOS delivers on that promise with technology that enhances profitability and simplifies network operations for medium to large digital signage networks,” Feldman said. “Now any LG commercial display running webOS 4.1 or later can be transformed into a revenue-generating machine using Broadsign’s intelligent SoC solution, which ensures seamless ad delivery to displays.”

LG is one of the first manufacturers to integrate support for Broadsign for SoC into their commercial displays, and both companies cited increased interest in retail and public venue advertising as a driver for their collaboration. Broadsign Director of Product Marketing Sabrina Allard noted that the SoC solution for webOS is making it easier for businesses to uncover new revenue streams, even on existing LG digital displays.

“Our core mission is to help business owners monetize and centrally manage their digital screens, and the launch of Broadsign for SoC unlocks a new world of possibilities for businesses and technology integrators when designing or updating digital display networks,” Allard said. “By utilizing wireless connectivity and our new SoC solution, LG commercial display owners can now access Broadsign’s powerful OOH content management toolset in virtually any location that has a 120-volt outlet.”

Unlike native SoC content management systems, Broadsign for SoC supporting webOS includes built-in advertising capabilities and enables streamlined campaign management across mixed-screen networks. Setup is as simple as downloading the Broadsign for SoC player solution onto a smart screen and registering it in the Broadsign OOH marketing platform. The SoC player then polls the Broadsign servers and downloads ad content to play on its connected display. Once registered, the SoC player can report incidents and proof-of-play statistics back to Broadsign servers.

“Broadsign’s automated content management and delivery solution adds significant value to existing LG digital display networks while giving custom integration firms even more reasons to use LG’s leading commercial display solution,” Feldman said. “From 4K outdoor displays for drive-thrus to huge DVLED video walls and the endless creative opportunities of transparent OLED, advertisers can reach virtually any audience through LG digital displays all over the globe.”

Both companies embrace the possibilities this collaboration unlocks for businesses, which can now operate on SoC-powered LG commercial displays. The Broadsign SoC solution for webOS is the result of multiple years of development to bring the power and simplicity of Broadsign’s platform to LG displays. With it, buyers can now access all-in-one solutions that require virtually no maintenance or extra installation considerations.

Broadsign empowers digital signage network operators with advanced content management tools for managing campaigns, ad approval and programmatic revenue generation. There is a subscription fee to access the Broadsign OOH marketing platform, and Broadsign collects a technology fee from each media purchase conducted in the Broadsign OOH marketing platform.

Effective advertisement and content management can enhance the guest experience, improve guest satisfaction, and generate additional revenue for hotels. By leveraging technology and digital platforms, hotels can provide guests with personalized and relevant content that enhances their stay and leaves a lasting impression.

Here are some key players in this industry:

  1. Enseo provides customized in-room entertainment solutions for hotels.
  2. Four Winds Interactive specializes in digital signage solutions for the hospitality industry.
  3. GuestTek offers in-room entertainment and content management solutions for hotels.
  4. NEC Display Solutions provides digital signage solutions for various industries, including hospitality.
  5. STRATACACHE provides digital signage and content management solutions for a range of industries, including hospitality.
  6. Quadriga offers guest technology solutions for the hospitality industry, including in-room entertainment and content management.

About Broadsign Advertisement and Content Management in Hotels

Broadsign empowers publishers, agencies, and brands to harness the power of out-of-home advertising and connect with audiences across the globe. Powering over 1 million static and digital signs along roadways and in airports, shopping malls, retail centers, health clinics, transit systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and more, Broadsign reaches audiences at multiple touchpoints throughout the consumer journey. The Broadsign Platform gives marketers and agencies simpler access to premium screens and has helped brands like Pepsi, Turkish Airlines, The UFC, Volkswagen, John Lewis, and more, run successful programmatic DOOH campaigns.

About LG Business Solutions USA Advertisement and Content Management in Hotels

The LG Electronics USA Business Solutions division serves commercial display customers in the U.S. digital signage, systems integration lodging and hospitality, healthcare, education, government and industrial markets. Based in Lincolnshire, Ill., with its dedicated engineering and customer support team, LG Business Solutions USA delivers business-to-business technology solutions tailored to the particular needs of business environments.



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